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Traveling in Pakistan is an exquisite experience; tourism regarding northern travel in our country has boosted tremendously during the post-vaccination period. The food, the valleys, the culture, the religion and the history awaits tourism, exploration and awareness. The intimidating snow-capped peaks mimic an animated movie scene. The introduction of technology to tourism has significantly increased the fun. No more waiting, your budget-friendly bookings are at your fingertips. 

The trend which was being followed was to travel to Dubai, Maldives, or Europe if you have a good budget but this has changed this year with a huge increase in domestic travel. The factors are Covid-19, and improved roads and better facilities for tourists but that’s not all.

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Pakistan’s emerging name in hospitality, ROOMY has changed the staying in the north scene. It has taken the traditional hotel industry by storm and provided something which was not expected. The phrases have been coined such as “Winter is coming, stay at ROOMY”. The startup has connected with domestic tourists in a way that was never done before, and the sector is better than ever.

The travelers need not worry about the accommodation anymore. You just need to pack your bags and hit the road, ROOMY got it covered for you. Here is the link to the website:

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