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The amazing technological app of SadaPay has caught the attention of many users.The app does not cost charges like a normal bank does. It allows customers to keep savings with them, helping them save a lot annually. Recently, SadaPay teams up with CodeGirls to advance coding practices in Pakistan.

SadaPay offers a Mastercard debit card which is free of cost. Also, they have no annual fee deductions and limits on minimum deposits. You can freely transfer to any account all across Pakistan. Also, you can use the ATMs across Pakistan without any charges on cash withdrawals.

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This amazing initiative SadaPay teams up with CodeGirls. The latter company’s initiative is also amazing and empowers girls to learn coding so that they can earn and progress in their careers.

SadaPay has joined hands with CodeGirls to initiate training sessions for girls in Pakistan. This mission has already started and many girls have joined in the sessions to learn coding from the experts. Also, this is a wonderful initiative that will help hundreds of young girls in making a career for themselves and become independent financially. It will bring revenue to the country and will bring financial stability for so many Pakistani families.

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