Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali, Voice Star, Team Muhafiz

Sajal Ali is a Pakistani actress who is popularly known as one of the most beautiful women of Pakistan. Her name  derived from her first name Sajal (meaning “beautiful”) and her last name Ali (meaning “white” or “pale”).

She was born in Karachi, Pakistan on December 10, 1985. She started acting in the early 1990s at the age of 5. Her first role in the movie was in a music video. Sajal’s father is also an actor and director and she got a chance to play in a few films. Her first film was “Mere Kuch Meethi Chahiye”.

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She is also a voice actor in Pakistani TV series, movies, dramas and commercials. Moreover she has voiced several animated characters such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Ironman, etc.

Team Muhafiz is an animated movie revolving around a popular Pakistani cartoon character named “Muhafiz” (The Boss) and is set in present time. Hence a story about a group of students come together to save the world. Moreover they determined to do their best and have fun while they do it.

Parinaz is a young girl who is the main character of the animated movie Team Muhafiz, directed by M. Iqbal. In the movie,  Moreover she dreams of becoming a superhero and saving her village from a terrorist attack. She is a girl with golden hair and a blue dress. She was born in Pakistan.She is an orphan who lives in the city of Karachi.

The story follows her journey in life. Sajal Ali to Voice Star as Parinaz in Pakistan’s Animated Movie Team Muhafiz,

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