Salman Lakhani, Forbes Next 1000, Cubix

The CEO of Cubix, Salman Lakhani, reached the list of Forbes Next 1000. A great honor for the Pakistani nation indeed!

Salman Lakhani leads his teammates by example. He launched the Cubix company in 2008. Presently, the company has a strong international presence with global names like AT&T, Politico, and Sapient as its clients. Cubix boasts of having 500 clients on board with a revenue of more than 2 million dollars annually.

Salman Lakhani, CEO of Cubix

Cubix is basically a software development company. It creates solutions using the latest technological tools and approaches. Cubix uses, for instance, tech involved in Augmented Reality (AR), Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Fintech, Game development, Virtual Reality (VR), blockchain, and many other areas.

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It is the only Pakistani company where the employees are trained to venture out and become business owners and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Lakhani spends an evident amount of time building up his employees, training them for the future, and nurturing their talents.

There is plenty to learn from him and his practices on how to manage your team effectively. In one of his interviews, Lakhani mentions how as a leader he needs to plan and do his homework, because otherwise he might fail. He believes appropriate planning can help avoid future miscalculations.

Forbes Next 1000 list is based on individuals’ and companies’ competence and achievements. People do not pay to be on the list, rather Forbes itself selects you. This speaks for the value that Salman Lakhani and his company Cubix hold internationally. This vision exhibits how our country is not behind in technology and is, rather, progressing with the globalized world.

We are extremely thrilled to hear this news and would like to congratulate Salman Lakhani on making all Pakistanis proud across the world!

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