Introduction to Sazgar

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Sazgar was established in 1991. And now it’s a famous business in the 3-wheeler layout and automotive wheels for tractors industry. It is a publicly-traded company with production facilities located in Pakistan and it has a global presence across twenty countries. Sazgar is an international corporation that specializes in the import of 3-wheeled vehicles and has not confined itself to Pakistan alone.

The governments of other countries regularly import the products because of what the company is able to provide. Updated, safe, economical, durable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly vehicles designed for operation on roads of all-terrain, which they aim to offer as cheap as many others in the automotive industry. In doing so, they have increased their market share in the design, development, and supply of automotive wheel rims of all types and sizes. With its slogan “Grow via the invention of new products & Give a higher return to investors” is what drives this business towards success.

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Presenting the New Line of SUVs

Sazgar is preparing to introduce the Haval, a locally built SUV. SPH will construct two versions of the Haval H6:1.5T and 2.0T. On the recommendation of an adjacent executive, the company will produce 40 cars per day during a shift. And it will produce 15,000 vehicles per year in the regional market. In the local marketplace, a senior executive asserted that the SUV would compete for buyers with the KIA Sportage. Sazgar Engineering obtained investment approval from the government to produce electric vehicles last year. It is noted that the firm, the largest producer of rickshaws in Pakistan, also specializes in making rickshaws in Pakistan. This new innovation will provide the citizens of Pakistan with another class of comfort and quality performance.

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