If you have clicked on the article, it certainly means that you intend to start your own blog very soon. But the actual question is what to talk about? Well, you are not the only one bewildered to find the answer to this question. Many people struggle to find a particular blogging niche to target for a blog and that is something natural in the initial phase of blogging.

Step-by-step Guide to Help You Select a Blogging Niche

You don’t have to worry at all as the article provides a step-by-step guide to help you select a blogging niche for your own writing journey. You just have to apply the given 10 easy steps to become a successful blogger and compete with others.

Brainstorm Your Ideas

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This is the most important step to commence with writing. There are various topics available in the world of blogging. The real thing to focus on is the domain that you find most interesting. The best way to start is to contemplate your hobbies, interests, the activities that you enjoy the most, and the manner in which you like to spend your free time.

For example, many people are eager to turn on their gaming console whenever they return home from their institute or workplace. Others go on a hike or play football, basketball, or tennis. You might be interested to try out some new cosmetics that you bought last week but never got a chance to sit back and relax.

That is brainstorming which will drive your mind to focus on that one particular niche for which you are passionate to read, write and discuss. That is your niche.

Delimit Your Interests

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Now that you have started exploring different topics of your interest, many things will be storming into your mind. But you have to hold your horses. Make sure to narrow down your selection to a particular genre. The actual purpose of brainstorming is to come up with a list of broad topics on which you hold sufficient knowledge to initiate and go on with your discussions. However, a smart strategy is to delimit a broad niche such as health or sports into a particular micro-niche such as child care, mental health, weight loss, cricket, football, tennis etc.

The outcome of this delimitation is that you will know the direction that you have to take for your blog instead of digressing every time you sit with your laptop. When you are finalizing the niche for the topics, make sure it interests you. Remember! You have to stick with this genre for a long period of time. So, we recommend giving serious consideration to your selection.

Analyze Your Competitors

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The internet is flooded with blogs covering a variety of topics. Browse them and see what they are doing. There is nothing wrong with searching for your competitors. This analysis will provide a holistic picture of all the sub-topics that are related to your micro-niche. Furthermore, you will be able to identify the potential of the most relevant topics directly related to your niche. You can critically analyze their work and see what is lacking in their work. Once identified, you can take on these topics to further elaborate these concepts and present your own perspectives to grab the attention of your potential followers. You can also observe how they engage with the audience. Their techniques can be understood and improvised in your blog.

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Research On E-Commerce Sites

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The blogs of your competitors have given you some good tips to start your blogging in a particular niche. However, if the readers are not interested to read about your thoughts, they would simply stop following. You would never like such a thing to happen at any phase of your blogging journey. Therefore, think of all possible ways to make your content more interesting for your potential audience.

A detailed analysis of E-Commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay will provide a complete picture of all the hot topics that are trending in the digital world. Identify those products and services that are related to your blogging niche. You can add some particular segments of these trending topics within your blogs to grab your reader’s attention and retain their interest to return back to read your new blog post. Google Trends can also be used to study the pattern of audience interest in a particular niche. You can also get a comparison of interrelated niches to incorporate within your blog.

Keyword Research

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Next, you have to be cautious regarding the choice of words you make to express yourself in digital media. There is nothing wrong with writing your thoughts in a blank document that we generally call freewriting. However, when you have published your perspectives in the form of a blog, thorough keyword research and its integration are essential for the requisite optimization of your content. Research for all the keywords related to the niche you have selected for blog posting.

You will get a complete catalog of primary, secondary, and related keywords alongside their search volume and competition. The keywords with large search volume alongside the low competition are always the best ones to begin your blogging voyage. That is how you will have more chances of redirecting the audience from other blogs. Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, and SEMrush are some of the relevant tools useful for your keyword research to master your niche.

Time to Test Your Knowledge

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In case you thought that brainstorming has solved all your problems, think again. Because you still have to test your knowledge regarding the niche you have chosen to publish your blogs. If you feel that there is much to talk about in a short span of time and limited word count, then congratulations as you have passed the test. But if you start thinking about what to talk about after typing just a paragraph or two, there is a need to reconsider the topic that came up during the brainstorming session.

Integrate Keywords in the Title

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The integration of all the primary and secondary keywords within your title, subtopics, and the subsequent paragraphs is of pivotal importance to taking your blog to the top. This will help you rank higher within the SERP. Thus, make sure not to overlook this step. Otherwise, your mastery in a particular niche will not do any good to your readers as they won’t be able to find you in the digital network of knowledge.

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Identify the Affiliate Links

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Affiliate Marketing is trending nowadays as it paves the way for producers to get connected with their potential consumers through their endeavors. Clickbank is one such resource where you can identify some sources related to your niche. Subsequent reference to their products would become a source of generating revenue that will keep you motivated. This passive income can help you in generating more funds to create even better content for the blog.

Review Your Own Progress

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It is always smart to look back into one’s own performance to go one step ahead. Applying the same strategy to analyze the profits and revenue generated with blogging will help you determine whether you made the right choice in selecting your niche or otherwise. Thus, carry out these self-assessment sessions on a regular basis to evaluate your progress in a particular niche. Leave out things that are not working for you and work more on strategies that are increasing your content’s impact.

Peer Review

Peer Review

Be friends with fellow bloggers and share your blogs to get their feedback. You will be surprised to follow their advice which would bring about a boost in audience retention as they have also learned and acquired the skills from the experience gained from virtual fieldwork. Nothing can be better than a peer working in the same niche as you are.

Follow these steps and you will surely be able to make a distinctive name in the world of blogging. All the best to you!