Just started selling online? Don’t know how? Listen here. We have got the selling Guide for Shopee and Lazada for beginners. The Shopee marketplace, which has a characteristic orange color, is well known by people in general. One of the most fascinating promotions from Shopee is collaborating with singers from within and outside the country to hold concerts.

It’s no wonder that currently, the Pakistani people are more ready and glad to shop from this marketplace. Many likewise become shop vendors as a side business. As a matter of fact, you should also take advantage of Shopee’s fame for personal gain. The following is an aide on the most proficient method to sell on Shopee that you can use as a source of perspective for carrying on with work.

Why Sell on Shopee?

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Well, before you start selling online at Shopee, you need to know some of the reasons why we should sell on Shopee?

If you choose to sell at Shopee, you can only have a smartphone, of course, this is very practical, so selling at Shopee can be a student business opportunity, even suitable as a business for housewives. Consumers on the Shopee marketplace are more numerous and growing rapidly. Already integrated with package delivery services. Many attractive promos, so mean more consumers. Those are just a few reasons why you sell on Shopee, there are many more reasons you should sell on the Shopee marketplace.

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Sales Steps You Need to Follow on Shopee

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There are several steps you have to go through to start selling on Shopee.

How to Start Selling on Shopee?

Here is the guide.

1. Create a Shopee Account

The first thing you must do is create an account on the Shopee application. Without having an account, you cannot do buying and selling activities. If you already have an account, you can go directly to step two. To have an account at Shopee, you must have an active email and mobile number. Fill in the account registration form completely. After that, you will receive an activation email or SMS containing the OTP code. Use the email or OTP code to complete the registration.

2. Open Shopee

Once you have an account, you can start opening a shop. The trick is:

Visit the Shopee site in a browser.

Click “Sell” in the upper left corner.

Fill in the shop profile which includes the name, description, profile photo, and also banner.

At this stage, you have successfully owned a shop on Shopee. Next, you need to set the store address and also the delivery service that will be used. Don’t forget to set up a bank account to cash out your earnings.

3. Uploading Products to Sell Online

You can start uploading products or items to sell. We recommend that you prepare a good-quality image for upload. Make sure the image is clearly visible and attractive to potential buyers. Fill in the details of the product you are selling such as product name, type, description, size, brand, and so on. Shopee will inspect the products you sell within 1 working day.

4. Promote Products to Sell Online

If the Shopee verification process is complete, your product can appear in the shop window. The next thing you can do is do promotions. The promotion aims to get your merchandise ogled by potential consumers. Every 4 hours, Shopee provides an opportunity for sellers to ‘upgrade’ their products. You can also share store and product links via social media to increase sales.

Online Selling Strategy at Shopee for Beginners

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How to sell on Shopee also needs to be accompanied by a strategy so that the products sold are selling well. We recommend that you follow the strategy below.

1. Activate the Free Shipping Feature

Shopee provides a free shipping feature with a minimum purchase starting from 30,000, 90,000 and IDR 200,000. Free shipping is one of the biggest attractions for buyers. We recommend that you activate the feature immediately. The only requirement is a photo of an ID card and a selfie photo holding an ID card. If the buyer uses a free shipping voucher, you don’t need to pay for shipping to the expedition service.

2. Expand Products

The second strategy in selling on Shopee is to increase the number of products sold. The more products there are in the storefront, the greater the possibility of getting buyers. If there are less than 5 products in your store, it will be very difficult to find buyers. You don’t need much time to upload products, because Shopee provides a feature for bulk uploads.

3. Increase the Number of Store Followers

Shopee provides followers and following features like Instagram and Twitter. This greatly affects the sales performance of the store. The more followers or followers, the more likely your product will sell well. At the beginning of the establishment of the store, you should also focus on increasing the number of followers first.

4. Join the Special Program from Shopee

Shopee provides many special programs for sellers. One of them is flash sales. A Flash sale itself is a product sale that is carried out in a short time at a discounted price. This Flash Sale program can be seen by all Shopee users. So participating in a flash sale program can be one of the right strategies to bring in buyers.

5. Choose Products Most Buyers Are Looking For

The last strategy for selling on Shopee is to find and choose products that are sought after by buyers. You have to be good at reading the current trends. Your sales will increase rapidly if you sell a product that people are looking for. To beat the competition with other sellers who have similar products, try offering lower prices. That way, consumers will prefer products from your store.

6. Sales Recap

Even though selling on Shopee is online based, a sales recap is also very important to do, that way it will be easier for you to analyze the results of your sales. For that, you can use the sales recorder application, to make it easier for you to record and recap the sales of your business. Selling on Shopee is so easy, right? By selling online, you can get coffee without having to leave the house.

Lazada is a very popular marketplace. The easy way of selling on Lazada makes many people choose this marketplace to sell. Many people are now figuring out how to sell on Lazada. The popularity of e-commerce made by Alibaba Group is increasing from time to time. As a result, many people are interested in selling their products on this platform. According to data published in Databoks, Lazada once controlled the Southeast Asian market in the fourth quarter of 2018. This marketplace attracts even more visitors than Shopee. Many users access this marketplace through websites on their desktops or mobile phones.

Terms of Sale on Lazada

Lazada can be the platform of choice for those of you who want to sell online. Anyone can sell on this marketplace, as long as they meet certain conditions.

How to Sell on Lazada?

After all the conditions are met, you can immediately register as a seller on Lazada. Launching from Sellercenter.lazada.co.id, here’s how to sell on Lazada for beginners. Open a browser, then access the lazada.co.id page. Then click the “Become a Seller” option. Then select “Register to Become a Seller Now”. Fill in all data correctly and swipe to verify. Read the terms and conditions specified by Lazada carefully. Once registered, you can sell products in the store.

How to Register Sales on Lazada via Cellphone?

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In addition to registering via a browser, you can also use the Lazada Seller Center application to register an account or shop on the platform. As for how to register sales on Lazada via HP as follows:

  1. Download the Lazada Seller Center application on your cell phone. 
  2. Open the application then click the “Create Account” menu. 
  3. Specify the country, language and type of Lazada store. 
  4. Then enter an active phone number. Click “Get Code”. 
  5. Enter the verification code received via SMS correctly. 
  6. Enter an active email. 
  7. Then create a password for the store in the e-commerce Check the small box at the bottom and then select “Register Account”. 
  8. Then you will get a notification that the registration process was successful, then you will be directed to the start page. 
  9. Sign in using the email address and password you created. 
  10. Enter the store and prepare the product you want to sell on Lazada.

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How to Sell Online Products on Lazada?

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After successfully securing the store, the next way to sell on Lazada is to offer products. To be able to offer products, then you must first create a product catalog in the store. The steps for offering products on Lazada are:

  1. Go to the Lazada Seller Center page. 
  2. Then log in using your Lazada store email and password. 
  3. Complete the address information in the section provided. 
  4. Then select the “Send” option. Next click “Upload Product”. 
  5. Enter the product name and category. Then fill in the product description. 
  6. Upload a photo of the product you want to sell. 
  7. Determine the selling price along with the discount price. 
  8. Then click “Save”.