Shaheen Afridi, Cricket, Pakistan's squad

Bring out the Popcorn and Drinks, for the day is flying by

The anticipation of the Asia Cup to be held in Sri Lanka on 28th August 2022 has sent shocks of different emotions throughout the country. The excitement has everyone in Pakistan and India counting the days for the epic clash between their teams. Players from both teams have prepared new strategies, equipment, and kits to one-up the competition. Both sides are fully loaded, with game spirit and a thirst for revenge.

Fate seems to have a sick sense of humor sometimes

A professional player of Pakistan’s World Cup squad this year, Shaheen Afridi has withdrawn from the second Test against Sri Lanka because of an injury. The all-rounder was benched from participating in order for him to recover. He sustained a leg injury during the first Test. It was not serious, and fans hope that he will recover quickly and become fit for the third and final Test. Hopefully, Mohammad Irfan can hold his ground till the main event comes back.

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Sometimes slow and steady wins the race

According to insiders, Shaheen sustained a pulled muscle in his leg which has caused severe discomfort and limited mobility. The injury seems to have occurred during his practice sessions. Medical professionals have recommended a break from training to allow the medication and natural healing to run their course.2

Shaheen Afridi, a Player with a Will of Fire

Even with his injury Shaheen Afridi has been keeping himself updated by studying the strategy laid out by his captain and arming himself with modifications to those plans to ensure no openings or mistakes. Shaheen has also been rewatching previous matches and test matches to study the Indian team and look for weaknesses.

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