Influencer marketing is gaining momentum due to its widespread access to multicultural and multinational audiences. Different companies partner with some specific individuals who are able to spread their message in a very short time.

In this article, we will discuss the life of Sham Idrees, the Canadian Pakistani Influencer as an example to showcase the impact influencers have on their followers.

Sham Idrees: Canadian-Pakistani Influencer and YouTuber

If you intend to launch your own brand and wish to spread your word among your potential consumers in spite of other competitive brands, then you should definitely consider developing a partnership with some influencers. In this article, we are going to help you understand the power of an Influencer which can be beneficial to kick start your brand. Sham Idrees, the Canadian-Pakistani influencer took the internet by storm in recent years. 

What is Influencer Marketing?

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As the term itself suggests, it is a marketing strategy in which different brands collaborate with some individuals generally known as the influencers who possess their own social media fan-following and are able to market products by using their popularity among the masses. As their words are considered trustworthy and reliable by their own followers, the influencers are able to endorse the utility of different products causing an increase in purchases. Influencer marketing also includes activities like the unboxing of electrical equipment, testing cosmetics, cologne, and attire.

Moreover, the influencers are also approached by the owners of different resorts to avail their facilities and recommend them to their fans. Furthermore, some influencers are asked to use a product first and then share their feedback on it with the audience. In other words, different kinds of companies can creatively utilize the aura of the influencers in order to boost their business.

How Do Influencer Marketing Help Drive Sales? 

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People follow and adore an influencer because the way he/she speaks and the content that he/she delivers is relatable for them. Once the audience develops trust in them, they consider everything that they do as authenticated and verified. Due to this power in the words of an influencer, there is nothing wrong with investing a percentage of your capital to market your product through them. Now, let’s talk about a few reasons you should trust Influencers to boost your business.

Influencer Marketing is Cost-Effective

With influencer marketing, you can converge your marketing expenditure to a single or few individuals who are going to introduce your product in front of a larger audience. As a result, there won’t be any need to collaborate with advertising agencies. There has been a decreasing interest in printed or televised advertisements these days. Most of such advertisements are generally skipped or ignored by the audiences. People, these days, want to logically connect with a product in order to buy it.

So, why waste money on traditional advertising when you can get loyal customers through digital influencers? Thus, you can consider Influencer Marketing as the most Cost-Effective strategy for enhancing your sales and business.

Brand Authority

People would love to purchase from a brand that has taken time out to research and find pertinent influencers to test a product. It will show how committed a brand is to its customers’ interests. Moreover, if a brand gives a product to an influencer for use and testing then it implies that the brand has complete trust in its product. It shows that their quality is supreme as a result of which they are sure that the influencer would like it and would endorse it on their social media platform.

In other words, if you come to a successful agreement with some influencers who are able to spread your word in their community channels, then you can definitely build a positive, respectable, and trustworthy image of your brand. Thus, the use of an influencer helps establish the value of your brand and gives a long-lasting good name to your products.  


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The dissemination of your message is not the end of the line. It is just the start of the Influencer Marketing journey. You have to work hard to build trust with the influencer as well. Because if that person finds you trustworthy on the basis of the services provided, the influencer is going to do the rest of the job for you, by establishing trust among the wider audience. Your company can easily become a household name because everyone is active on social media these days!

Higher ROI

Although, it may seem apparent that too much finance has been spent to approach and attract different influencers to share their experience in relation to your products and services; yet, imagine the interest they would have developed among their followers to try and test your services in order to personalize with their influencers. Therefore, you can anticipate a huge return on all your investments, which will later seem transient after you will see regular, incessant benefits coming from the network of these influencers.

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Let us assume that you were able to impress an influencer through the provided services from your side. They would become your customers and might even revisit or repurchase your product. Moreover, if your product has really become a favorite for an influencer, you would see that they may unconsciously mention your brand name in their posts or content.

In this way, again, each influencer will indirectly share their experience with their digital community. Resultantly, you will stay successful in retaining these influencers as your customers as well. This is authentic and realistic marketing, through which you will be able to retain loyal clients. 

Sham Idrees Lifestyle

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Now that you have gotten aware of the basics and the impact of an influencer on the general sales and purchase of a product or company’s progress, let us have a look at the lifestyle of a famous Canadian Pakistani Influencer, Sham Idrees who rose to fame in a very short span of time showing his life memorable moments with his fans alongside his family. Although there are some controversies

Early Life

The 32 years old Canadian Pakistani vlogger, actor and singer was born in London, England. He has four elder brothers and one young sister. He started to gain prominence as a singer when he released some of his top hits. This includes Dil Dil Pakistan, London 2 Paris, Bolo Na, Shadi Kar Le, and Jaane Jaan. Singing remained his utmost priority as he pursued it as a career and passion.

However, he began to attain widespread attention from national as well as international audiences through his YouTube channel. His channel hit two million in terms of the subscriber count.  At present, Sham holds a massive circle of fans and followers on different social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Furthermore, he launched his other channel with the intent of sharing his personal life with his fans and thus named Sham Idrees vlogs. The latter channel has crossed two million already, which indicates how his fans are anxious to connect with his personal life and family lifestyle. 

Rise to Fame

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Sham Idrees got lucky to meet people like Karter Zaher who inspired him to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer. That is certainly next to impossible if you don’t have a mentor to guide you all the way despite having all the necessary resources. Therefore, Sham got the best training for shaping his social media career. He started composing songs and made his debut with the famous Bolo Na which skyrocketed with fame and paved the way for Sham to gain international recognition.

Next is Dil Dil Pakistan which stands as a collaborative track of Sham Idrees and Karter Zaher released in 2013 and took the electronic and social media by storm. Sham started to gain popularity in Pakistan as well as the other Asian countries. The best part of this track release was the time when YouTube was banned in Pakistan. Nevertheless, the song gained widespread popularity in Pakistan through the electronic media channels followed by youth. 

Journey on YouTube

Sham Idrees created his YouTube channel in 2013 and officially began his journey as an Influencer. His channel grew because of the versatility of content starting from the comedy videos followed by inspirational videos with morals. He has also released episodic drama series on his channels including Fazl-ul-din, Bano, Jaana, and Marriage kay Side Effects.

In other words, he has always tried to capture the attention of different strata of society. Sham provides a moral lesson through every drama or inspirational video he produces. His comedy videos are no less. In terms of entertaining the audience on one hand and showing a positive side of all the actions being performed by the characters. 

This of course does not mean that he has simply forgotten about his inner passion of becoming a singer. With all the motivation and mentoring that he gained from Karter, he released his new album London2paris alone and set records on social media with some super hit tracks such as Oh Bewafa, Deewana, Mera Yaar, Pyar Kia Tha. You can consider it as a journey of a young talent towards discovering one’s true potential.

Many of you would not know but the famous musician Zayn Malik is the second cousin of Sham Idrees. However, Sham considers his family to be the major source of inspiration to reach where he is today. He gives most of the credit to his elder brother who kept supporting him while he was releasing his albums and working on the web series that he has published on Youtube. You should certainly try these out as you would end up learning loads of morals that are hidden in each episode. You will find Sham alongside his friend Froggy who is also an Influencer working together and appearing in these web series. 

The Ups and Downs in Sham Idrees Life

Life was never easy for Sham at the outset. He was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory disease affecting the bowels. Resultantly, Sham lost forty pounds during his treatment at the hospital. He was ten years old when his family settled in Ontario.


Sham completed his bachelor’s in Commerce from the University of Ontario. He got a little bewildered regarding his higher studies as he remained indecisive regarding finance or marketing. So, he chose the former at the outset. But moved to the latter for higher education at the University of Toronto. 

Rumors Around Sham Idrees

As mentioned, Sham Idrees appeared alongside his best friend Froggy who is also an influencer in various web series. These were released on his channel. Many started to talk that the couple is dating and even married. When Sham came across all these rumors, he clarified all such false statements through his social media platforms. Nevertheless, his charming personality has always attracted females alongside his die-hard circle of male followers.

The Luxury Life of Sham Idrees

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Sham Idrees has a luxury lifestyle evident from the fleet of automobiles that he owns. He displays some of them in his music videos. Some of the top cars in his fleet include Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Aventador, Dodge Viper SRT, Lamborghini Gallardo and Cadillac CTS-V. Nevertheless, he has a philanthropic side in his social media persona. As he donated around a hundred thousand dollars as a charity to an organization in 2014. He witnessed a huge circle of fans following his initiatives inspirational. This includes an audience of all ages, professions, and gender.

He launched the other channel to share his family vlogs. The exponential growth that this channel has witnessed indicates how his fans are eager to become part of his family. Due to the same reason, he becomes a part of various humanitarian campaigns. He strives to bring about a positive change in the lives of people.