Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Brings Home the Second Oscar Award

The pride of Pakistan, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy brings home the second Oscar award thus becoming the first Pakistani to win two Oscars.

Best Short Documentary by Sharmeen Obiad – A Girl in the River

The 88th Academy awards proved lucky for Sharmeen Obiad who was honored with the award for best documentary short subject. Her documentary titled “A Girl in the River” highlights the issue of honor killings in Pakistan and sheds light on the story of a young girl who was beaten, shot and dumped into the river by her family when she eloped to marry her fiancé. Her family did not accept him initially and then decided that he was very poor. However, she managed to survive the act of brutality, came out of the river and fought for her rights.

Sharmeen Obiad Wins the First Academy Award for Pakistan

Sharmeen Obaid made history by winning the first academy award for Pakistan in 2012 for her documentary titled “Saving Face” in 84th Annual Academy Awards. Since then she has been working tirelessly on the next documentary whose purpose was to enforce legislation in Pakistan regarding honor killing so that this evil can be eradicated completely.

What Sharmeen Obaid Has to Say About the Film

Sharmeen Obaid labels the film as a force to bring women together. Winning the award would mean that the issue of honor killing, that has been affecting not only the women of Pakistan but also around the world, will gain traction. The film is a depiction of the emotional and physical pain of a survivor of honor killing.

A Girl in the River is an initiative by Sharmeen Obaid to bring a change to the existing culture of Pakistan. This film was screened in Islamabad last week hosted by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who vowed to tighten up the legislation to rid Pakistan of honor killing’s crime.