Pakistan has extraordinary places and beautiful landscapes to explore. The country is rich in culture, and heritage. Pakistani people honor their values, culture, and traditions. That’s why every generation makes sure to pass on the true values and teachings to the next generation. So that they never forget the importance of these events and places. Shrines are one of the important parts of Pakistani culture and tradition.

Shrines in Pakistan

Pakistanis respect and honor these places in the memory of the pious saints. These saints sacrificed their whole life for spreading the message of Islam. If you’re planning to visit Pakistan for a religious tour then we have got you covered as in this article. We’ll provide the list of the most popular shrines in Pakistan that you must visit.

Data Darbar Ganj Bakhsh HajveriData Darbar Ganj Bakhsh, shrines

Data Ganj Bakhsh Hajveri is one of the shrines which is the most popular and oldest shrines in Pakistan. This oldest shrine in South Asia is in Lahore, Pakistan. The real name of Data Ganj Bakhsh was Abdul Hassan Ali. He earned the title of Data as an honor to his generosity and selfless character.

His contributions to spread Islam in South Asia are noteworthy. He traveled all the way from the Indus River to the Caspian Sea to convey the message of Islam to millions of people. To honor and pay tribute to his struggles, a shrine lies in the Lahore city of Pakistan. This beautiful and peaceful shrine in Pakistan receives thousands of visitors daily.

Sachal Sarmast ShrineSachal Sarmast Shrine

Sachal Sarmast Shrine is another shrine in Pakistan. It is in the Khairpur city of Pakistan around 1330 AD. This mesmerizing shrine lays in remembrance of Sufi poet Sachal Sarmast. His real name was Abdul Wahab Farouqi but his famous name is Sachal Sarmast. This word means “Ecstatic Saint of Truth ”. His skills lied in poetry. He used to write poems to teach the principle of mysticism. He wanted to convey the message of heavenly love, and to connect people with their creator.

This extraordinary saint used to write poems in seven different languages. These include Persian, Sindhi, and Saraiki. Moreover, he had command over several different languages. That is why, his title was Shayer-e-Haft Zuban which means poet in seven languages. Till this date, the followers of this spiritual poet, come to his shrine to pay tribute to him and to show their love.

Shah Rukn e AlamShah Rukn e Alam, shrines

This octagonal tomb is the resting place of Sheikh Rukn ud Din Abul Fateh, who is one of the most prestigious saints of Multan. He is  known as Shah Rukn e Alam which means “Pillar of the World”. It is important to note that he is from the progeny of Sheikh Baha ud Din Zakariya who was also a famous Muslim scholar and saint. The shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam is the second-largest in the world. Devotees from all around South Asia come to visit this shrine in Pakistan to honor this great saint.

Shah Abdul Latif BhitaiShah Abdul Latif Bhitai, shrines

Built by King Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, the mausoleum of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is in the Hyderabad city of Pakistan. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was not only a great saint but also a poet, and a great philosopher. His poems got translated into many languages including English, and French. He started poetry from a very young age and later he utilized this skill to call and connect people towards their Lord. Likewise, he is also considered to be a musician who invented the musical instrument “Tamburu” which is used to date. People from all around Pakistan visit this mausoleum in honor of the work of this great man in history.

Hazrat Abdullah Shah GhaziHazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi

The shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi is in Clifton, Karachi. This popular Muslim mystic comes from the descendants of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was born in Medina and acquired his early education from there. According to some historians, he migrated to Sindh as a businessman around the year 760. His mausoleum in pakistan attracts hundreds of devotees every day. These devotees visit the shrine with the hope of fulfillment of their wishes and to pay tribute to this pious saint of the Muslim world.

Hazrat Bahauddin Zakaria ShrineHazrat Bahauddin Zakaria Shrine, shrines

Multan is the city of saints and shrines. One from such beautiful and mesmerizing shrines is the tomb of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya. Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya was a Muslim scholar, saint, and poet. His real name was Abu Muhammad Bahauddin Zakariya. He is a descendant of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the progeny of Asad Ibn Hashim.

One of his great contributions is that he established the Suhrawardiyya order of Baghdad. This was for the South Asian region. A striking sanctuary was built in the year 1267 in the Multan city of Pakistan. It was in remembrance and honor of this great Muslim scholar. The shrine of this great scholar of Islam is visited by hundreds of devotees every day.

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Khawaja Ghulam Fareed ShrineKhawaja Ghulam Fareed Shrine

A very attractive tomb in honor of Khawaja Ghulam Fareed lies in the Bahawalpur city of Pakistan. Khawaja Ghulam Fareed was a scholar, Muslim mystic, Sufi, and a very talented poet who had command over many languages. Moreover, he is from a family of Arab immigrants. This multilingual Sufi poet has written down many books and poems. He wrote in many languages including Saraiki, Braji, Sindhi, and Persian. Alongside that, he was also skilled in Arabic, Punjabi and Urdu languages. His shrine in Pakistan is always crowded with people who come from far-off places to visit his tomb and pay tribute to him

Baba Bulley ShahBaba Bulley Shah, shrines

The mausoleum of Baba Bulley Shah is in the Qasoor city of Pakistan. Baba Bulley Shah was a Muslim mystic and a very famous poet. His real name was Abdullah Shah while Bulley was his family surname. He is the direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). His poetry is still alive and admired by almost everyone.

Moreover, he used to write poems in Kafi style. This is a very common style of poetry in Sindh, Punjab, Saraiki, and Sikh people. Through his writings, he provided solutions to the problems of the world around him. Due to this contribution, He is a  a great humanitarian of his time. Today, many devotees from all around Pakistan come to his resting place. They come to pay tribute to him in recognition of his contributions.

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