History of the Mysterious Temple

Sikh temple famously known as Sikh Gurdwara was constructed in the memory of that place where fifth out of ten Gurus of Sikh named Guru Arjan Dev got martyred in 1606 A.D. The Gurdwara is located right opposite to Lahore Fort and is near to Badshahi Mosque. In this place, Guru Arjun Dev got martyred in River Ravi after facing tortures imposed on 30th May, 1606 A.D by Chandu. The area where Arjun Dev was brutally martyred, a platform also called Thara was built by Guru Hargobind in 1619 when he visited Lahore. Later on, Maharaja Ranjit Singh built a small building of Gurdwara. In 1909, construction of Manji Sahib and Parakashasthan was started. The arrangements for routine diwan were carried out. In was also made for the residency of pilgrims.

Further Detailed History of Gurdwara

In 1925, local committee had been organized by the Shiromni Committee in call of the Gurdwara reform movement. Somewhere in 1927, the complete charge of Gurdwara was taken by Shiromni Committee and the construction started again on 21st April, 1930 which was finished on the 9th of September 1934 A.D. Domes of the classy temple were all gold-plated and floors were wonderfully cemented. Gurdwaras front is constructed in marble. The Parakash happens in daily routine. International sangats take place annually on Visakhi, birthday of Guru Nanak Dev, Shaheedi Jore Mela and Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s death anniversary. In November 1996, Pakistan’s government constructed 47 rooms for visitors. Langar of Guru is served around the clock. The location of Gurdwara is opposite Walled city on circular city of Lahore.

Guru Arjan Dev’s Martyrdom

Guru Arjan added compositions from both Muslim and Hindu saints which he acknowledged consistent with teaching of his religion Sikhism. In year 1606, Jahangir (widely known Muslim Emperor) forwarded strict orders to torment and punished him by giving sentence to death. He was exposed to such trauma because Guru Arjan rejected to eliminate all Hindu and Islamic references from Holy Book. Guru Arjan had to sit on the sheet which was burning hot while extremely hot sand got poured on his body. He was endured for five long days of merciless torture Arjan had been taken for bath in river. Thousands of people saw him entering the river but never coming back again. Jahangir was way furious to realize the amount of Muslims converting into Sikhism. A highly renowned Professor J.F. Richard’s cites Jahangir as a hostile leader famous for intolerance towards other religious figures which he cites as a great threat to his own state or religion.

The Pleasurable Events

  1. Vaisakhi

Vaisakhi Day is observed as Thanksgiving Day specifically by farmer where they pay their regards and tribute, specially praying for future prosperity and thanking God for abundant harvest. Vaisakhi is that very charming festival happily celebrated with fervor and joy by people from various other religions as well. It’s largely celebrated by the Sikhs in Punjab along with the festivities centering the Panja Complex placed in Hasan Abdal, various Gurudwaras and historical sites situated in Lahore. It’s traditionally and culturally ranked as significant and important Punjabi festival, exemplified by millions of Sikh pilgrims coming from all around the globe just to commemorate this day at Holy Sikh sites particularly Hasan Abdal and Nankana Sahib. Moreover, local people of Pakistan offer warm welcomes and well wishes to the pilgrims. In 2009, Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee clearly announced some plans regarding the formal organization of events on larger scale while also expressing their intention for graceful arrangements. In 2010, more than twenty thousand pilgrims arrived Pakistan for Vaisakhi celebrations which was a tremendous increase seen over the past years.

  1. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh’s Death Anniversary

It is known that over five hundred Indian Sikhs will visit Lahore on 21st June especially to sight the Maharaja’s death anniversary at Sikh Gurdwara in Lahore. They will stay for ten days in Pakistan and visit various places for instance Janamastan of Baba Gurunanak Sahib for performing their religious ritual. Then the Sikhs would visit Gurdwara Punja Sahib and remain there for goof three days performing some rituals again. The Sikh pilgrims then perform special rituals in Lahore at Sikh temple on 29th of June. This entire happening procedure was followed by the Sikh yatrees in 2013 when they went to their cultural places for attending special religious traditions.

  1. Jore Mela

It’s a three-day festival which is held by connecting it with Guru Arjan’s death anniversary. This festival is joyously attended by a huge bunch of Sikh Pilgrims. The Sikhs visit many Gurdwaras like Janam Asthan which was Baba Guru Nanak’s birthplace and after that, they reach Gurdwara Dera for attending the foremost festival.

  1. Guru Nanak’s Birthday

The religion Sikhism was founded by Guru Nanak and apparently he was the first Guru out of ten. His birthday is not only celebrated in Sikh temple of Lahore but also worldwide specifically on the Kartik Puranmashi when the full moon day falls on several dates every year in Katak month which is October to November. Guru Nanak came into this world on 15th April, 1469.

The Grace of Sikh Temple

It is situated in the center of other alluring historical landmarks such as Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque. The appearance of Sikh Gurudwara is highly rich in nature and grasps the viewer’s attention immediately with its golden shine.  The place is still refined and its existence is seen more like an honor and respect to the religion of Sikhism. The spirit of Guru Arjan had been kept alive and his devotions have been preserved in the form of this temple which is largely praised by not only Sikh people but also people from other religions. Guru Arjan’s presence is reflected by this gracious piece of art and the adoration for this temple would never cease for any person coming from any religion or part of the world. Do spare time to visit the captivating temple and amuse yourself with its fascinating outlook.