Sindhi Embroidery from the Land of Gujrat

Gujrat, a renowned city located in the Province of Punjab is quite popular for its embroidery work. In different parts of this locality, one might see craftsmen and women working on various kinds of embroideries. They strive to bring more and more variety in the designs and motifs. These variations motivate the buyers to regularly purchase these unique masterpieces because every creation has a distinctive quality and beauty in it. Among these differing hand works from Gujrat comes Sindhi embroidery, which has a distinct feature in it that makes it noticeable around the globe.

Background of Sindhi Embroidery from Gujrat

The village ladies have a routine of leisurely working on embroidery after they get free from their household chores and harvesting responsibilities. They try their best to get maximum stuff ready so that it may be of use to either their family for weddings or other formal occasions, or they may even sell them to distributors generating a good source of income for their family.

The Style of Embroidery

Sindhi style of embroidery is different because it contains fine stitching techniques, delicate needlework and exciting color combinations. This type of work done on any plain cloth will make it radiant and beautify it to the maximum. This style itself varies from region to region. For instance, in the northern side of Sindh, this style has a different Balochi interpretation and in the lower Sindh, it has a native Sindhi influence. The ornaments that are extensively used in this embroidery include tiny to big mirrors, colorful beads, ribbons and coins. Such unique items embellish the whole pattern of the stitches.

Sindhi Embroidery from the Land of Gujrat1

The Unique Method

The ladies who do this kind of work use a kind of hooked needle. This particular instrument is also referred to as ‘aar’ in the local language. The cloth is fixed tightly over a bamboo frame. Then the required embroidery pattern is drawn or traced upon it. After this, the actual work begins. The thread is employed inside the needle and it is used to create the various patterns.

Kinds of Stitches

Variety is the essence of this artwork of Gujrat. It includes the use herringbone work, buttonhole stitching, chain stitching, interlacing stitching and even the darning stitch. There is also a local design by the name of ‘heer bharat’. This stitch is done from a silky thread which gives the pattern on the cloth a total natural look, as if the pattern was already embedded within the cloth. A wide range of colors are employed to create the stitches.

Kinds of Motifs

The artistic motifs employed in this artwork make use of Persian and Mughal inspired art. Sometimes, it may include the use of animal forms embedded within the pattern. Mirror work is a compulsory part of the motifs of this artwork.

Varieties of Designs

Sindhi Embroidery from the Land of Gujrat3

There more different types of embroideries within this category of artwork. It includes ‘Toran’, which is the name of the artwork done on flaps. Then there is the ‘Chaklas’ style which is done on covers of furnitures. Along with that, there is ‘Kathi’, a kind of geometric pattern done on clothes. After that, there is the ‘Ari’ style which includes creating animal-inspired motifs like peacocks etc. Then, lastly, there is the ‘Abhala’ style which employs the use of small mirrors embedded within the threadwork.

Such an exquisite range of embroidered works really shows the inspiration and creativity involved in this part of the Punjab Province. It also depicts the amazing aesthetic sense inherited by people belonging to this part of the globe.