Every mother who carries a child in her belly for nine long months, gives birth despite the immense labor pain, sacrifices on so many things and works hard to raise and nurture her child deserves to be called a SuperHero or a Super Mom. Motherhood makes you experience immense and the purest form of love, you get lots of hugs and kisses from your children and get to experience hundreds of precious moments with your children. Being a mother is one of the toughest yet most fulfilling jobs in the world. And this job gets more difficult for the single moms as they have to raise their children all alone without any support.

If you’re a single mother who has goals and ambitions for her career and also wants to raise her children in the best way possible then know that it is very much possible. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. For your motivation, in this article, we’ll share the story of some amazing Pakistani single mothers who despite all odds have not just aced their role as single mothers but are also successful in their professional careers.

This article is a tribute to all the single mothers out there who are winning it despite all odds. We salute your courage, determination, hard work, and all the sacrifices. Kudos to you all!

Meet Some of Pakistan’s Successful Single Moms Who are Winning Motherhood Despite All Odds

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  1. Syra Yousuf:syra yousaf, pakistani women, mother

Syra Yousuf is the youngest single mom in our list of super moms. She gave birth to a little princess, Nooreh, back in 2014. She has been an exemplary mother even though she got separated from her husband a few years back. After her divorce, she got back to her acting career, working hard to provide a good life for her daughter.

On the other hand, Nooreh is one of the favorite star kids in Pakistan who shares sweet and adorable makeup tutorials using her mother’s makeup kits. Moreover, Syra’s Instagram shows that Nooreh spends ample time with her. This mother-daughter duo enjoys beach trips together, paint and do many other activities together.

  1. Mahira Khan:mahira khan, actor, strong women

Before entering into the Pakistani film industry, Mahira Khan was working as a VJ and was also a married lady who had an adorable little son named Azlan. Mahira considers Azlan as her strength and lucky charm who was gifted to her back in 2009 when she just entered the Pakistani drama industry. Out of love, she calls her son Azzu. She is very protective of her son and doesn’t share much about him with the world.

Alongside raising her son, Mahira is a successful actress who has starred in one of the biggest drama serials and blockbuster films. She has worked not just in Pakistan but across the border too and has also represented Pakistan in some of the biggest events around the globe. Moreover, she is also working on some great charity projects through which she has earned the title of UN’s Goodwill Ambassador. She is doing all these amazing works alongside nurturing her son which truly makes her deserving of the title of Super Mom.

  1. Muniba Mazari:muniba mazari, superhero, women

Muniba Mazari is another super mom in our list who is an inspiring lady in so many ways. This brave and multi-talented single mother is an entrepreneur, anchor, activist as well as a UN Ambassador, working for the benefit of humanity. After her marriage, she suffered through a tragic accident that made her bound to a wheelchair. However, this strong lady didn’t let that incident crush her spirit and her passion for painting. She is a successful artist who has an art brand known as Muniba’s Canvas. Moreover, she is also Pakistan’s first differently-abled television anchor and the first Pakistani woman ambassador of the UN.

Another inspiring thing about Muniba is that she is a single mother of an adopted child named Neal. Alongside all these brilliant achievements, she is raising her son too, all single-handedly. If this doesn’t make her a super mom then we don’t know what does!

  1. Aamina Sheikh:aamina shiekh, pakistani mothers, celebrity

Aamina Sheikh was blessed with a daughter Meissa Mirza from her first marriage with Mohib Mirza. After a decade-long companionship, they both separated their ways and since then Aamina is raising her princess all alone by herself. Currently, alongside her career, she has completely devoted all her time to her daughter. She is truly an inspiration for many other super moms who are struggling hard to nurture their children. And those who live as single moms in a society where it is still considered a taboo.

  1. Frieha Altaf:celebrity, superhero, mothers

Frieha Altaf is another super mom who despite all odds and struggles, managed to raise her children while establishing a successful career. After the separation from her husband, she fought the custody of her kids for so long, and finally when she won the case, she came to Pakistan with her two kids. After all these hardships, she didn’t lose hope and started working to gain financial security. She worked as a model, actor, and choreographer. And then she also started her own PR and event management company known as Catwalk. She worked tirelessly and achieved all the success while raising two beautiful kids. And today, she is known as the Queen of PR.

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  1. Hadiqa Kiani:hadiqa kiani, actor, mothers

Singer, songwriter, actor, and philanthropist are some of the titles that this amazing super mom has under her belt. Hadiqa Kiani is one of the amazing Pakistani single moms who adopted a child as her son from the Edhi Foundation back in 2005 whom she named Naad-E-Ali. This super mom has won many national and international recognitions including Pakistan’s biggest national award Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

  1. Hina Dilpazeer:hin dilpazeer, pakistani mother, actors

Many don’t know that the famous Bubulay actor “Momo” who makes everyone laugh with her comedy and acting skills. She is also a single mom who is raising her son, Mustafa Dilpazeer, single-handedly alongside her career. Hina Dilpazeer is an actor, director, singer, and comedian. Hina is famously known for her role as Momo in Bulbulay, which is a comedy drama serial. No doubt that she is not just a brilliant actor but also a very strong woman and a super mom.

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  1. Zeba Bakhtiar:zeba bakhtiar, superhero, pakistani moms

Zeba Bakhtiar is another super mom in our list. She is a proud mother of a talented son, named Azaan Sami. Zeba started her career as an actor and worked on many successful projects. She also worked across the border in a Bollywood “Henna”. She married a well-known singer Adnan Sami and was blessed with her son through this wedlock. But, she got divorced from her husband after some time and fought for custody of her son. Finally, she won custody and lived her life as a single mother while dedicating her complete time to her son. She is truly a strong Pakistani super mom.