videoSocial media has been around for quite some time now. We can still recall those times when Facebook was launched and it got us all excited. The 90’s generation populated the platform and from then people found different ways to socialize digitally on different online platforms. A few years later, an app with an interesting feature came to show. This particular app lets you send snaps that disappear once viewed. Snapchat as you know started with the name ‘Picaboo’.

The idea behind the application was to make sending snaps so convenient that you do not have to think twice before sending updates regarding your daily personal and social life to your friends and family.

Snapchat didn’t take long in compelling everyone to the platform and after a while, every known personality, trendsetters, and famous icon were seen updating their social status to Snapchat.

10 Tips to Make Your Snapchat Experience Better

As years passed by, the masterminds behind the app have updated it many times with additional features to keep its audience intact in one place. However, there are many features that people do not leverage to enhance their experience on the platform.

If you are a daily Snapchat user and you are fond of updating your daily social life through snaps, continue reading to explore the full potential of the app with these 10 tricks and tips.

Apply Face Effects After the SelfieFace Effects, selfie, screen

As we all know, you can apply different face effects while you are taking the selfie but that is before you take it. However, not many know that the app now allows you to apply after face effects to your clicked selfie. This was a feature that the app introduced a year before and people are yet to explore it. You can choose the smiley icon on your screen right below the paper clip icon to apply face effects to your selfie. Note that this feature only works when your whole face is visible in the picture. Lest the icon will not appear on the screen if it fails to detect your full face.

Avoid Unnecessary Background Noise in Your ClipsBackground Noise, video, video making

If you were somewhere close to nature, between the mountains, besides the river, or before the sea, we would love to hear that background sounds in your videos. If not, you are better off with a muted video. If you have captured a great moment but background noises are spoiling all the charm of it, mute it and add music from Snapchat instead.

Utilize Both Front and Back Camera for Your Snapsshort videos, camera, smartphone

To make the best Snapchat short videos, try leveraging both the cameras while you are on it. To record a cool snap from your phone, you can capture the scenery from the back camera then flip the camera to the front to record yourself with the scenery. That way it will be more fun to watch. Remember, it is what you do in the video that makes it more fun for the audience. Otherwise, people just be googling things to watch nature videos.

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Make Most Out of the New Interfaceinterface, app update, app audience

As an audience and end-users, we tend to dislike any change and update that software updates us with. It is our innate nature to deliver criticism on the first go. However, we get used to the changes later. Snapchat in the same ways has received tons of backlashes and rejection from its audience for changing the interface. Little do we know that the new interface is faster, more fun, and convenient to browse. For example, your old section of chats has been rebranded as ‘Friends’ where you not only can chat but view stories also.

Get rid of Useless Featured Videos on Discover Pagediscover page, app advertisements, featured videos,

If there is one thing common among all the Snapchat users is that we all equally hate the discover page. It tends to throw irrelevant content at us and is sometimes very disgusting as well. The last thing we want to watch today is some random person being treated for their measles.

If you already don’t know, you can alter your experience on Snapchat by configuring what type of advertisement and featured videos you want to watch on your discover page. Tailor your watching experience by going to your profile and start looking for settings. Once there, tap on manage. You will find the option to modify your ad preference there.

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Promote Your Blogs/Websites Through Your Snapsblogging, blog post, viral content

Snapchat is a platform where your content can go viral in seconds if you play your cards right. If you have a fan base or enough followers, and your snap is somewhat of value to others, be it funny, your snaps can make it to other social platforms. Since Snapchat is capable of giving you enormous reach, why not use it to promote your blogs, channel, or website?

Wondering how to do so? You can easily attach any link to your snap by clicking on the paper clip icon on the right panel of your screen. While decorating your snap, attach any link to it so that more audiences can visit your personal blogs and channels.

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Add Some Humorsnap, humor, app update

The world of social platforms is unbelievably crowded with memes and funny content and that is for the right reason. With so much going around the world, a little humor never hurts.

When you are going for a random snap, try not to keep it always about you. Think about what others will find interesting or better yet, what they will find funny. Add a little humor through text. Write your heart out.

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Use Your BitmojiBitmoji, status update, selfie mode, snapchat selfie tips

It is there for a reason. Your Bitmoji becomes the face of you on the platform, like literally. People on Snapchat will recognize you less from the original you and more from your bitmoji. Make a cool one that can represent the real you, maybe not too much. Use it on Maps, on your selfies, and your status. Let your bitmoji speak for you.

Record & Click Selfies and Videos With Volume Buttontravel mode, travelling, travel vlogger, snapchat tricks

Sometimes taking a selfie from the camera button just makes it a bad angle. Or when you want to record a video clip that could last a little, pressing that record button on the screen can be tiring and does not give you enough mobility to twist or adjust your hands a little to get better shots.

If you have not been living under a rock, you would know you could take selfies and record video from the volume button on your phone. If you did not know already, you have been enlightened. You can use volume keys both up and down to capture your moments.

Travel the World With ‘Travel Mode’video clip, camera volume, selfie tips, snapchat tips

We will hate to be the first one to pop it to you but travel mode on your apps or phone does not literally mean you will be able to travel anywhere by turning the option on. It simply means that it will limit the functionality of the app to extend your battery life. Snapchat in the same way provides you the feature of travel mode. In this mode, you choose to download stories and snaps by tapping on them and Snapchat does not download everything automatically as it usually does.

You can turn it on by going to the Menu. You will find the Gear icon there under which you will go to Settings. In Additional Services, make your way to Manage and tap on Travel Mode.

Though we will conclude the article here, there are still a lot of interesting features and options to explore in the application. Be the explorer of the ultimate universe of Snapchat and let your snaps be out there speaking for themselves.