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According to a report by the World Bank, software developers make up the largest group of freelancers in Pakistan.  The industry has an estimated percentage of  42 for freelancers, which is 10% of the total software developers, globally.

It was also reported by the World Bank that Pakistan’s software export has registered around 4000 IT companies and 4066 contact organizations to provide service worldwide. 

More than 300,000 IT professionals were employed, the majority coming from three major cities mainly: Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

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The report also highlighted that Pakistan’s export in ICT service has increased at the rate of 18% annually which is about $1 billion, starting from $433 million in the year 2009-10. 

Pakistan’s IT services exports were followed by the United States with 52% and the United Arab Emirates at 8.8%.

According to the World Bank report, the services that are being offered are mainly low-to-medium software services including enterprise planning, app developments and integration software and there is a scarcity in product design and development activities.

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Starting from the year 2019-10 and year 2018-19, the exports of IT-related services have seen a significant spike i.e from 44% to 73%, with an annual growth average of 17.3%