Without any uncertainty, a fact have been derived that Hunza is nothing but a heaven on earth which makes this God’s green earth beautiful. The Hunza valley has worth watching lovely sights which come as the greatest amusement for the tourists. The incredibly fascinating items such as the famous Hunza gems, local handicrafts, traditional shawls and embroidered caps, rugs which are handmade, handmade paffu (cloth) and the eye popping gemstones are marvellously popular throughout the world. Out of all the boomingly elegant gemstones in Hunza, the most peculiar ones are the Hunza Valley rubies. Ruby mines in Pakistan are considered as the most magnetically glistening tourist’s enchantment which thrusts them into attraction.


Interestingly Noteworthy Factors About Hunza Ruby

The enthusiastically glittering gem, Hunza ruby, is a natural stone and has a universal attraction by associating them with people’s date of birth. To your bewilderment, the term ruby has been extracted from the Latin word “rubber” meaning reddish. This further exposes the enlightened truth about the pleasant color which was previously also called “Rajnapura” (king of treasures) inherited from the ancient Hindi. It will be amazing to know that the delightful bright red color posses a historical importance marked by the emotions of passion, love, infatuations, enthusiasm, exuberance, yearning, devotion, attachment and also, flame.

The Alluring Glamour of Ruby

Emphatically, ruby falls in the category of minerals specifically corundum and it is nearest to the Sapphire. Ruby is pointedly marked as a rare gem because of its characteristics which include chromium pigments circumscribed in the earth’s crust.

Significance of the Burnished Red Color in Ruby

Chromium mingles with alumina (element abstract in its own fashion) and crystallization takes place at spur of the moment. In the absence of these two elements, ruby would not be red with that much intensity. The inception of rubies have discovered from Burma. The hue of the deeply sparkling gem, Ruby, is the most catchy to the eye than the bigger stones which are not brightly red but have taken the scheme of pinkness and haziness.

Deposits of Ruby

Peculiarly, in Pakistan, deposition of rubies takes place in transmogrified re-crystallization of limestone marble in a contracted loop of Hunza to Ishkoman which exceeds 100 km in northern regions. The hunza valley of Gilgit Agency locates the most encompassing ruby in Pakistan. The most colorful element of Ruby in Hunza is related to its color which is initially transparent but then transforms into deep red. Astonishingly, the color of this beautiful gem varies ranging from dim or dull hue to intense blood red. The shimmering beauty of these gems lies in their existence which contains small crystals essentially for foreign purposes. Wondrously, a few gems own a scintillating silvery web of really delicate needles which is cut in the shape of six pointed star thrusting the viewers attention. Other than Hunza, deposits of ruby are also present exclusively in Astor and Azad Kashmir. The well refined and gleaming crystals of Hunza ruby are transformed from pink to fresh rich red. One more interesting important factor of ruby is about the Calcite crystals from which basically ruby is created. It holds marble that are carried inside the stone and cause opaqueness.

Other Flashy Gems of Hunza and Their Features


Spinal is another important Hunza gem. It is part of system entitled as “cubic crystal system”. Inquisitively, a delicate red tone is received with a twinge of impure chromium in them. Due to presence of iron, majestic blue color is achieved. Spinal is taken as a tough mineral and hard without any cleavage.


These are deep green pistachio crystals happen to be located in transmogrified crystalline marble. Notably, it exists in the group of amphibole minerals. Furthermore, they are crystallized in the system called “monoclinic system”. Along with ruby and spinal gems in Hunza, they twinkle in crystalline form and are sufficient in quarries and huge rocks of Hunza River. It has been observed through several investigative witnesses that these are sold as Hunza emeralds by the dealers in Karimabad Bazaar.

Where Do The Three Marvels Ruby, Spinal and Pargasite Reside

Through thorough discoveries, the locations of these Hunza gems are finally known. Spinal, ruby and Pargasite are mainly grounded along MKT (main Karakoram Thrust). Mostly, they are originated parallel to the transmogrified re crystallized beds of marble. These enhance the production of a heavy sequence of Meta sediments which are called “Baltit group” and are further extended between Hunza (east) and Ishkoman valley in the west. Gems of Hunza that carry marble set out parallel and adjacent to the MKT.


Advancements for Precious Glittering Gems in Hunza

KADO is an abbreviation of Karakoram Area Development Organization which was established from 1996 in Hunza. In order to effectively engross the local energetic and skilled people including both men and women, they offered them the opportunity to look after the adoring gemstones. KADO constructed a GCPC which stands for Gems cutting and polishing centre specifically in Hunza. They trained the local youth teaching them the skill of polishing and cutting precious gemstones with the intention of elevating and uplifting the advantages for the social workers and local communities.

Secret of the Mesmerizing Hunza Gems

Blended items of handicrafts and gems; the profoundly sparkling color of gemstones are produced in a peculiarly brilliant manner. The remarkable experience of KADO in this region specially has made the Hunza locals powerful and productive enough to the extent of getting influential in a way that they design items of handicrafts and gems. The accomplishment is inevitable as their working is greatly likeable, attractive and in demand throughout the national market.

Reason for Prideful Captivating Gemstones

The sense of enchantment comes with just a mere glimpse of gemstones due to their neatly defined polish and cutting. This incredible quality personifies the beauty of these gemstones. The artisans have created an appreciable skill of cutting gemstones which is not only breath taking but also fulfils your desire of having the soothing feeling about having gemstones in hand or in sight. These certain outstanding positives come as great pleasure to people specially tourists making them ever glowing and highly expensive yet worth being bought.