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One of the biggest music streaming services, Spotify, has announced a program for independent music artists in Pakistan. The feature named “Fresh Finds Pakistan” would basically be a playlist that will enable amateur independent music artists to collaborate, learn, and grow. Spotify will make sure to provide all the necessary tools for their long-term, consistent success in their musical career.

This feature was initially launched in 2016 in the rest of the world and new artists from “Fresh Finds” playlisted around 25 thousand artists. The average monthly listeners increased to 108% in just 28 days after the ad, compared to the previous 28 days. For those artists whose first editorial playlist is Fresh Finds, more than 44% are likely to be added to another editorial playlist.

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The initial tier of artists included in Fresh Finds is Lil Mucid, Jaffry, Gemini Djs, and Farheen Raza. 

The independent newcomer artists will be provided with the following opportunities:

Education and Ingress to Resources:

This includes the tools that are needed to grow the music career such as Masterclasses, mentorship, “Spotify for Artists’ resources, and much more. 

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Marketing for Artists:

Fresh Finds will bring the independent music artists under the spotlight of many music production houses and will be given editorial and platform support in the form of the curated playlist to take an example. Moreover, Bespoke promotion will allow fans across the world to find music produced by these Pakistani artists.

Fresh Finds Pakistan will be rolling out in the near future joining other regional Fresh Finds playlist from countries including and not limited to India, Italy, Brazil, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, and South Korea. This initiative will greatly help the immensely talented Pakistani artists to be heard and acknowledged by the global community and it will give many opportunities to grow their music careers.

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