The Nightingale of Pakistan

From Indian classical, language, and fashion trends, she’s, undeniably, a beloved performer. Nazia’s very first release consisted of one single musical composition, “Aap Jaisa Koi”. It featured in the 1980 Indian film Qurbani. In 1981, the Filmfare Awards nominated her. And thereupon, she won the award for the Best Playback Singer at only 15 years of age. Luckily, she became the first Pakistani to win the award at the time. She released her debut album in 1981 and later became an international success, selling more than 35 million copies worldwide.

It is the primary song which she selected for an exclusive entry in the United Kingdom. Nazia utilized her Boom to the tune from the motion picture Star (1982), Young Tarang from 1984, and Hotline in 1987. The song played in the final scene of the movie Miss Lovely by Ashim Ahluwalia in 2012. Then “Dum Dum Dede” allowed for a particular relationship between combating narcotics and drug legislation in general.

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Remembered for Generations via Spotify

Spotify has millions of artists in its database, with now the addition of Nazia Hassan. She is a pop star from Pakistan who through her hard work and determination rose to the top even while being diagnosed with cancer. In memory of her incredible contribution to Pakistan’s music industry, the folks over at Spotify created a tribute showing her incredible moments and achievements over New York’s Times Square screen. At this time, millions of fans rejoiced and cheered her name, and sang some of her hit songs in the vicinity. Nazia’s brother supported her at every point stated that the music created by both siblings can go beyond this world. Nazia Hassan’s journey has also become an inspiration for aspiring musicians.

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