The ability to make good jokes, spontaneous humor and brilliant stage theatrics are a few of the most essential ingredients of a good stand-up comedian. Pakistan is blessed with some mind-blowing comedians who always make the audience laugh hard with their fantastic performances.

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Stand-up Comedians in Pakistan Who Make us Laugh Anywhere

Today, in this article we’ll talk about the new emerging talents. We’ll talk and discuss one by one the following emerging stand up comedians who are working hard to make people laugh day in day out:

  1. Zaid Ali Tahir
  2. Saad Haroon
  3. Junaid Akram
  4. Sheherzade Noor Peerzada
  5. Danish Ali
  6. Sham Idrees
  7. Tabish Hashmi
  8. Rahim Pardesi
  9. Shahveer Jaffry
  10. Arslan Naseer
  11. Ali Gul Pir 

1. Zaid Ali Tahircomedy, youtuber, youtube videos

With 3 million followers on social media, Zaid Ali Tahir is one of the most famous Pakistani stand up comedians. This famous Pakistani YouTuber was born on 2 July, 1995 in Canada. He started his career in comedy by making funny videos to represent desi people and their desi lifestyle on his  YouTube channel ZaidAliT. Mostly, he tries to portray the desi South Asian culture in a fun way through his videos. 

In addition, he also makes videos to compare how brown and white people react to the same situation. Over the course of years, he has earned huge popularity not just in Pakistan but in India and Canada too. Moreover, he was also invited to host the HUM Style Awards. He has also appeared in many national as well as international shows

2. Saad Haroonfunny content, funny video, comedian

Saad Haroon is another very famous standup comedian who is not just a comedian but also a talented writer and actor. He was the first Pakistani stand-up comedian who performed in English comedy shows. Moreover, he is also the creator of a famous comedy troupe. BlackFish. Not just that but he is also the creator and host of a famous comedy show on television famously known as The Real News.

Furthermore, he also secured 59,213 votes while getting nominated for the funniest person in the Laugh Factory competition. He also conducts Open Mic Nights where many aspiring comedians, poets, and writers get the opportunity to show their talents.

3. Junaid AkramFaiza Saleem, Pakistani Stand Up comedian, best comedian in pakistan

Famously known as Ganji Swag, Junaid Akram is a very well-known stand up Comedian, YouTuber, and a very talented Pakistani artist. He is also a very talented director and actor who runs his own YouTube channel by the name of Khali Wali. Alongside that, this talented artist also makes memes and comic artist videos. Moreover, he is also a skilled filmmaker and musician. With thousands of followers and subscribers, Junaid is one of the most promising stand up comedians in Pakistan.

4. Sheherzade Noor Peerzada AKA Baji Bombasticfemale comedian, female content creators, women in pakistan

Sheherzade Noor Peerzada who is famously known as Baji Bombastic is another aspiring stand-up comedian in Pakistan. She gained much fame in very little time by uploading her hilarious comic videos on her social media account known as Baji Bombastic. Through her comic videos in desi English accent, she doesn’t only tickle the funny bones of her followers but also tries to tackle the obsession of Pakistani society with the English language.

5. Danish Ali short videos, instagram

Dr. Danish Ali is an exceptionally talented stand-up comedian in Pakistan. This highly talented and hilarious stand-up comedian is also an actor, writer, host, producer, and director. With over 6 million views on YouTube, he is the first-ever stand-up comedian in Pakistan who crossed a million views in a very short time. 

Moreover, he also hosted a very famous English language comedy show on television known as The Real News. The show got so popular that it even got featured on Al-Jazeera.

It is also noteworthy that he is the first Pakistani comedian who was sponsored by the United States Department of State for a comedy tour. During which, he performed in various different cities of the USA. 

6. Sham Idrees

Another very well-known stand-up comedian in Pakistan is Sham Idrees. This social media sensation is not just a comedian but also a very skilled musician, director, and vlogger. Not just that but he is also a very successful entrepreneur who is running his own online clothing business. With over 12 million followers and subscribers, he is very successfully managing two YouTube channels.

Mainly, the content on his YouTube channels is based on comic videos. The theme of his comic videos is mostly based on the desi people of South Asian communities. Moreover, he has performed in many live shows in countries such as Canada, USA, and UK. And he has worked in a few comic web series as well. With his grey-blue eyes and charming smile, Sham Idrees is all set to rule over the comedy media industry.

7. Tabish Hashmi

After much struggle, Tabish Hashmi finally managed to make a space in the comedy media industry. Tabish is not just a stand-up comedian but also a very talented host who is currently hosting a famous Pakistani show, “To be Honest” or “TBH”. 

His career took a turning point when he was given a chance by Azhar Ali to host the famous web show on Nashpati Prime. Nashpati Prime is a YouTube channel where his show “To Be Honest” is broadcasted. What makes the show unique from other comedy shows is its exclusive content and obviously Tabish’s hilarious impromptu jokes. In each episode of this show, a celebrity is invited and interviewed in a very fun way.

8. Rahim Pardesi

Famously known by his stage name, Rahim Pardesi, very few people know him by his real name, Muhammaed Amer. Rahim Pardesi started his stand-up comedy career from a YouTube channel where he makes videos portraying the desi lifestyle and stories of Pakistani people. Nasreen and Khalid are the two main characters of his comic videos. 

The main theme of his comic videos is mostly the Punjabi women and Punjabi culture. After gaining much popularity from his YouTube channel, he now has his own production company in Glasgow, Scotland. Most of his videos are produced under his own production company. He has also won the Best Video Channel Award by Asian Media Awards. Not just in Pakistan but his work is liked and appreciated all over the world including countries like India, U.K, Canada, and America. 

9. Shahveer Jaffry

Shahveer Jaffry is another very young and promising stand-up comedian in Pakistan. This Pakistani-Canadian Youtuber started his comedy career through a YouTube channel in 2013. Initially, he wasn’t very consistent in making videos. Gradually he got very famous especially when he got into daily vlogging and making videos in collaboration with other famous standup comedians such as Zaid Ali, and Sham Idrees. His popularity is increasing day by day.

Interestingly, Shahveer thinks that he has inherited his sense of humor from his father. However, his inspiration was always the famous YouTubers, “Fuzzy Tube” and “Superwoman”. Like Zaid Ali and Sham Idrees, the main theme of his videos is also based on representing the traits and culture of South Asian people in a fun and comic way.

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10. Arslan Naseer

Arslan Naseer, also known as CBA Arslan Naseer is another very talented stand-up comedian who started his career with a youtube channel. He runs a YouTube channel with the name of CBA Arslan stands for Comics by Arslan Naseer. On his YouTube channel, he makes videos about current trending topics and gives his review in a very fun and hilarious way.

With millions of followers and subscribers on his YouTube and other social media channels, this witty stand-up comedian gained popularity in very little time. Moreover, after much popularity on social media, he recently debuted in the Pakistani Television industry with a TV drama serial Chupke Chupke. 

11. Ali Gul Pir

 Born into a family of feudal, Ali Gul Pir is a highly famous stand-up comedian, rapper, television, and voice-over artist in Pakistani. Initially, he got popularity with his first comedy song, Waderai Ka Beta. The song was mainly about the political elites of Pakistan. It got 100,000 views within a week of its release. After that, he has worked on many amazing projects. Many international channels such as CNN, BBC, and Al-Jazeera have featured him.

Furthermore, he has also appeared in English comedy shows in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Besides that, he has also appeared on television dramas such as Batashay and Dulha Mil Gaya. Moreover, he has also appeared on ARY, GEO, Express Tribune, Dawn, and Times of India.