In 2012 Muneeb Maayr and Farees Shah founded Daraz. The idea was an online international fashion retail company. Now Daraz has become an e-commerce empire. This platform allows retailers and business owners to sell and buy online. Their headquarters is in Singapore. Daraz has expanded to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal.

Daraz: Online Shopping Store in Pakistan

Recently Daraz has signed with Alibaba. This step expanded its global leadership with advanced technology. Now it performs quick online transactions and gets many other benefits. Daraz aims to connect buyers with retailers. It has succeeded in connecting 100s of retailers to millions of customers.

As of 2021, Daraz has 13 major categories, which break down to 1200 subcategories. Over Pakistan, they have 80,000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). Daraz caters to millions of loyal customers all across the country. It now offers 500 leading domestic and international brands.

During the pandemic, our world got converted to online, including shopping. Sitting in front of our computer screen became boring. One of the most valid things emphasized for quarantine was taking care of your mental health. What’s better than some Retail Therapy? Daraz was where we turned.

Your Product 101Product, Daraz

When it comes to deciding on what product to sell on Daraz. There are many factors to consider;


The product you decide on needs to have consistent demand. For example, if you were to sell woollen caps. The demand would be high in winters, but in summers, the market would decrease to zero. Products that have consistent needs include jewellery, electronics, snacks and more.


The product you settle on should be distinctive; try introducing new items to the market. If a product has demand and many retailers, people will be less likely buy it from you. If you were to sell pencils, many other retailers sell pencils. So what does your pencil have that theirs doesn’t? How is it more beneficial?

If a customer wants to buy it, who is to say they won’t buy from your competitor. It is why the homemade product market performs better on Daraz.


Your prices should be affordable for a large audience. You never know who requires your product. If you are selling branded plain t-shirts which can cost up to 3000/-, very few people will take interest. In comparison, if you are marketing plain t-shirt for 300/-, people might take interest.

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Description and Images

Many stores on Daraz don’t get customers because of the quality of their images. There is the absence of or less description. If you were to sell a dress, you’d want to upload a picture taken with good lighting. Have a white back to make the colors more prominent. But some retailers tend to snap a quick image or two and post it. For the description, you’d want to talk about the dress. Discuss the colour, the quality, the material, the size, the fit, the length, the design and more. But, some retailers put the color and material, and consider it enough. They are still better than retailers who don’t feel that it’s necessary to add a description.


Good quality products for a cheaper price are a rare find. Customer loyalty is significant to make it big on Daraz. So when you provide them with a high-quality product, the customers are more likely to buy again. They will tell their colleagues about your shop too. A satisfied customer leaves a satisfying review. When you ensure quality control, the five-star reviews are the reward.

What to Sell?Business, Daraz

The two categories which battle for the spot of most visited are; fashion and electronics.

Fashion includes clothes for women, clothes for men, jewellery, bags, watches and more. Electronics include everything that requires a power source or a battery to function.

Apparel is one of the biggest markets for online shopping.

Initial InvestmentInvestment, Business

Your initial investment might as well be zero!

Setting up a Daraz store involves a computer, printer, stable internet and product. These things are available in all homes, except the product.

Your product cost is the main cost to consider. It depends on what product you are selling and where you get it.

The further cost will include your packaging and shipping. Both these services will be available from Daraz.

For packaging, you can order flyers (for small items) or boxes depending on your product.

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How to Open Daraz StoreOpen Daraz Store


Firstly, you will open any web browser on your computer and enter

Above the search bar is a “sell on Daraz” option. Select this; it will lead you one step closer to the portal.

Select “Sell on Daraz”

After you select the option, you will arrive at the portal gate. Now you have to select “start selling” to set up shop.

Which seller are you?

On the next page, you will have four options.

Daraz Mall Seller requires you to have a name brand approved by the FBR.

Local sellers can be a brand or individual; they deliver all across Pakistan from Pakistan.

Global seller entails that the sender is outside Pakistan and mailing to the receiver (customer inside the country).

Digital Sahulat provides you with a platform to sell digital certificates and services.

Data entry

In the next step, you will get asked to provide information. The business account type requires you to be FDR registered. After you enter your number and slide to verify, you will get presented with more data entry.


After the data entry, you will get redirected to the main portal page. Here you will enter the email and password to log in.

Finishing up

When you enter the portal for your shop, Daraz guides you to finish three steps; Managing Address Book, Verify ID Information and Fill in Bank Information.


Now you can proceed to buy the packaging. Daraz recommends waiting 24 hours before ordering packaging. In case there is an issue with your data and your account is not eligible, then your packaging will still delivered. It can cause you to waste assets.

Once you have completed all the forms and ordered packaging. Upload your products and get started!

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New Features You can Enjoy!New Features, Daraz

Daraz has recently introduced a coin based system. This feature will allow you to earn a point and buy vouchers with those points.

Once the customers open the Daraz application, they can access their wallets and check for coins. With the new feature, the customers have to perform specific tasks to gain the point to buy the vouchers.

You can use this feature to your advantage by offering vouchers for fewer points than your competitors. or offer vouchers the public would want to use even if they don’t need your product.

The more accessible you make your voucher, the more people will visit your page. Your page/product becomes trending on Daraz when more people view it.

In conclusion, more visits equals more market.