Garena Free Fire, Pakistan, has recently announced Lakhon Style ki Jung this Eid-ul-Adha.

Free fire, Meerub, Asim Azhar

Players can now style their characters with their Eid look and join Asim Azhar and Meerub in the Battle in Style.

Free Fire Game

We all know that Garena International I is one of the leading game developers from Vietnam, with a massive playing audience in Pakistan. It has released games like ‘Garena Free Fire: Rampage’ and ‘Garena Free Fire MAX’, which received immense appreciation from players worldwide, with 1B+ and 100M+ downloads respectively. This is a battle royale multiplayer video game available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is a shooting game inspired by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

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‘Lakhon Style ki Jung’ or ‘Battle in Style’

With this new update, Garena Free Fire Pakistan has released ‘Lakhon Style ki Jung’ or ‘Battle in Style’ which will be available for iOS and Android. Free Fire’s TVC is starring Asim Azhar and Meerub, the new favorite couple to join the Lakhon Style ki Jung.

The players will be able to dress their characters in the best clothes and have fun while playing. Players will be able to create their Eid look and match the style of their favorite celebrities. It will be a different experience to play the game with your favorite style. It also has the option to customize our characters and fight against our enemies.

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Players can now have the best Eid outfits and it would be fun to play the game in those outfits. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your style and make some stylish pictures to share with people. You can also get a lot of freebies from the game like weapons, power-ups, accessories, etc., and earn more rewards by completing missions.