Sumreen Mahmood is an interior and furniture designer from Lahore, Pakistan.

Sumreen Mahmood, Business, Business woman

She aims to help her clients in personalized renovation and decoration of their homes to suffice their aesthetics. Sumreen Mahmood, a young business woman, joined the family business of furniture started by her great grandfather in India and has been successful in creating her own unique brand.


Samreen pursued a professional degree in Furniture Design and Manufacturing from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD). She also holds a diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from OTHM, UK. She worked as a lecturer at the National College of Arts and now serves as a creative director at her own brand “Senses by Sumreen”,¬† launched in 2019. Samreen also received an invitation as a guest speaker for “Women Entrepreneurship” from the University of Faisalabad.

Senses by Samreen

Sumreen had always been into furniture and later conceived an idea to start a business of her own. She came up with a name and an extensive plan for it. Senses by Samreen offers various products and furniture designs for all budgets. Renovating spaces to be surprisingly bold and a style having its own unique story is what defines her brand. Recently, she launched a website and initiated an online consultancy for interior design, through which customers can access her services.

Sumreen Mahmood’s Reason for Success

She is a person who believes in learning, unlearning and relearning to refine her knowledge and experiences. She is highly energetic, creative, and brave who courageously faces all risks and challenges to be successful.

Sumreen comes from a supportive family but faced resistance from her own workers and distant family members, because of furniture manufacturing being a male dominated industry. However, this could not stop her. She proved herself through her accomplishments and gained respect from even those criticizing her initially. She serves as an example for women who have a dream to achieve something and work desperately for it.