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Superior University, is one of the largest private universities in Pakistan. and has attained the top position among private universities.

Superior University

Superior University achieved the highest ranking in Pakistan, as per. the University Grants Commission (UGC).The UGC conducts the university rankings every year. to assess the quality of education in the country. According to the latest data, Superior University has scored a total of 932 points. Out of a possible 1000, securing the highest rank of 1st out of 30 universities. Consequently the university has earned 891 of its points through the assessment of academics. with the rest being derived from the UGC.

The UGC also conducts the annual ‘Quality Assessment of Academic Excellence’ (QAAE). to determine the quality of higher educational institutions in the country. Accordingly The QAAE consists of four categories: Teaching, Research, Student Experience, and Institutional Integrity.

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Superior University is a well-established institution offering degrees in Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture, Fine Arts, Law, Accounting, Medical Sciences, Library Science, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. Similarly It is also, affiliated with the International Association of Universities and Colleges (IAUC).

Moreover the university has received the ISO certification for its degree programs of Information and Communications Technology. Similarly the university has also won the Best Business School Award and the “University of the Year” award.

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Achieving this rank is a true testament to the continuous efforts made by Superior University to provide quality education. However This achievement is made possible through the vision and hard work of its distinguished board members and management, and the continuous efforts of the entire staff.