Euro 2020 Finals Memes: What We Loved the Most

Memes are the units of cultural information that are passed on from one person to another. They are the basis for the transmission of culture and beliefs from one generation to the next. There are many types of memes, including jokes, fads, songs, sayings, and rituals. All of these are ways in which our cultures […]

Euro 2020 Rounds of 16: All You Need to Know

Euro Rounds of 16, Euro 2021, Euro 2022

England, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium,.France and the Czech Republic were among the top 16 countries that competed in UEFA Euro 1996. Germany, the eventual champion, eliminated the hosts on penalties. Moreover, the Czech Republic has won its first major championship. This article will give you the history and peak moments of […]

The Addition of New Exciting Games in Tokyo Olympic Sports – 2021

Tokyo Olympic Games, Sports, Olympic sports 2021

Since the time COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world, it has affected every area of our lives. One such important area is sports. Last year the Tokyo Olympic Sports couldn’t take place due to the pandemic. In March 2020, the sports lovers and athletes were not happy, because the International Olympic Committee announced the sad […]

Saad Ali: Pakistan’s First Formula 1 Driver

Saad Ali, Driver

Everybody loves a good race, right? Let’s talk about the world’s most famous race! Formula one! It is the highest class racing. The cars which take part in this forum include the single-seater racing cars. These automobiles need approval through the FIA to race. Formula one racing is something which makes everyone excited! Because people […]

Usman Ghani: First Pakistani to Race in MotoGP

motorsports, Pakistani sports, adventure sports

When you commute within or between cities, you will always come across bikers. They will be trying to show off their skills by balancing the bike on one wheel. They might be trying laying over it without even holding the handles. These stunts have resulted in several casualties. People have died getting hit by another […]

Tent Pegging: One of the Popular Equestrian Sport

Tent Pegging, Equestrian games, Equestrian sports

Tent Pegging is a popular sport played through the use of horses and pegs. To play this game, a person should be an expert horse rider. Overview Many professions include training sessions for the development of horse riding skills. For instance, military personnel train to ride a horse without any fear. Same is the case […]

Samar Khan: Female Mountain Biker Extraordinare

Samar Khan is a young lady of many talents. She is interested in adventure sports such as paragliding, trekking, and mountain climbing. However it’s her love for cycling/mountain-biking that has given her and Pakistan worldwide recognition, as she has been involved in some very exciting expeditions.   Wanting to know her views and a little about […]