Gandhara Civilization in Taxila: Yearning for Preservation

Gandhara civilization, Northern Pakistan, Gandhara Art

In Taxila Pakistan, archeologists have found artifacts belonging to the Gandhara civilization. This particular culture existed around 3000 years ago. It belonged to a city named ‘Takshashila’ or ‘Taksasila’ from where the name of ‘Taxila’ evolved. These artifacts are at the National Museum, located in Karachi, Pakistan. Taxila is in Northern Pakistan and is a […]

Stunning Sindhi-Kutch Styled Mirror Embroidery

Sindhi-Kutch Styled Embroidery

Mirror Embroidery incorporates delicate pieces of these reflecting surfaces within the needlework. Conventionally, these embroideries were sewn by the women belonging to rural areas. These works were then used for wearing on celebration of a particular festival or, later on, for selling to generate a reasonable income for the family. Thus, initially, the needlework was […]