Pakistan Becomes Largest Export Market for Proton Cars

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Proton sells vehicles across 15 countries, most of which are in Asia. United Kingdom was its biggest market. Selling of vehicles in UK took place until 2016. While the company may not be as big in Pakistan but Pakistan did take the spot recently as the largest export market for Proton Cars. Since 2021, Proton […]

Honda Increases the Price of Its Motorcycles Again in 2021

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Keeping the practice alive, Honda has raised the price of its Motorcycles in 2021, once again. This is the sixth time that Honda Atlas has decided to increase the price for Motorbikes this year. With an increase of 6,500 PKR in all the motorcycles, the new price will take effect in October 2021. The widely […]

Peugeot to Introduce Vehicles in Pakistan

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French automobile company Peugeot has finally decided to launch vehicles in Pakistan, This was confirmed by the Facebook official page and website that Peugeot has created for Pakistan. According to the official website of Peugeot Lucky Motor Corporation, Peugeot is aiming to manufacture various vehicles for the general public in Pakistan. 2008 Peugeot was quite […]