6 Islamic Texts Encouraging Hard Work, Trade and Business

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We all wish for a life full of luxury and comfort where we are never short of money and can fulfill our dreams. However, Islamic text teaches us to adopt a life based on simplicity and humility. As the real rewards for a pious Muslim are waiting in the life hereafter. Furthermore, there are multiple […]

Leading Fintech Startups in Pakistan Posed to Put a Dent in the Local Market

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Fintech is changing the economy not just in Pakistan but all around the world. If you’ve ever withdrawn money from an ATM, checked your bank statement online, transferring money using an app, or have paid or sent money online to someone through your phone, then you too are part of this multi-billion industry. Related: MNCs […]

Bazaar Raises $30 Million in The Largest Series A Round in Pakistan

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Karachi-based B2B Platform Bazaar has raised $30 Million in the largest series A round for Pakistani startups. The amount raised was just after the seven months of seed round which was led by California-based VC defy Partners. Google App Link: Bazaar App (Play Store) The series A round participants include Acrew Capital from the United […]

Paklaunch to Host Conference on Pakistani Startups

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Paklaunch brings a virtual conference – “Pakistani Startups: The Next Big Thing” which will be streamed live on September 8th, 2021 at 9 PM PST. The theme of the conference, in the wake of recent thrive in the local Pakistani startup ecosystem, brings on the discussion – Why are major global investors excited about this […]

10 Inspiring Books on Leadership & Creativity to Add to Your Summer Reading List

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Ever since the human race has been struck by the new pandemic, all of its facets have been altered to the changing circumstances. Among multiple of those facets, the businessmen have suffered the most in these changing dynamics. In these times of uncertainty, those who were quick in adapting to the new challenges turned out […]

7 Easy Steps to Get Started with Cryptocurrency in Pakistan

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The popularity of Bitcoin is increasing day by day as more and more people get aware of the benefits and opportunities that cryptocurrency has to offer to the world. Today, the demand for cryptocurrency is much higher than the past few years when many were not educated about this new digital currency. One very common […]

Nayapay Joins Visa Fintech Fast Track Program

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Pakistan’s Fintech company NayaPay has partnered up with the Visa Fintech Fast Track Program, which will help speed up the process of integration. It will enable NayaPay to enjoy the reach, functionalities, and top-notch security of the Visa Payment network. NayaPay will have access to the technological infrastructure of Visa that will take NayaPay to […]

How to Create Your Amazon Seller Account From Pakistan?

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 Fortunately, Pakistan is now approved by Amazon and has proudly secured a place in its seller list. Amazon which is a big name in the eCommerce industry offers a great platform to businesses to increase their sales and reach. You’ll be amazed to know that there are approximately 150 million Amazon users worldwide and it […]

PM Says “Future Belongs to Gwadar” Here is Why?

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Pakistan holds a strategic location.  Gwadar is one of those areas, which makes the country strategic. Moreover, there is the Silk Road passing in the middle of vast mountain ranges. Next, Pakistan provides access to warm waters for various countries, particularly China. All these factors have contributed to the development of Gwadar as the port […]

How You Can Make Yourself More Marketable to Employers in Pakistan?

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Making yourself marketable is all about building your personal brand and becoming indispensable to the employers in your industry.  It is a commitment to continue working on your personal and professional development. It is a constant effort to learn new things, polish your skills, and build a strong personal brand to stay competitive in the […]

25 Best Business Ideas With Small Investment to Make Money in 2021

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Unemployment is increasing steadily in Pakistan. The dream of getting a job as soon as you graduate seems a far-fetched reality. However, your entrepreneurial skills can set you apart from the rest and help you earn a stable income. If you have the mindset of working hard, starting up your own business and have some […]

30 Profitable Business Ideas in Pakistan with Low Investment – 2021

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If you are reading the article, there is an entrepreneur inside you who has realized the rising competition in terms of finding the job of your interest in the market and wants to start off with one’s own business. Well, you have arrived at the right place as you will get 30 unique business ideas […]

Bio-Entrepreneurship Course at the University of Peshawar Showcases Tremendous Talent

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For the First Time in Pakistan a Course on Bio-Entrepreneurship at the University of Peshawar The Centre of Biotechnology and Microbiology at the University of Peshawar aims at educating and training the next generation of biotechnologists and microbiologists. It is also fully focusing on scientific research and discovery keeping in mind the needs of a […]

Pakistan StartUp Cup:Biggest Startup Competition is Back!

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Pakistan StartUp Cup – Third Edition For all those who have a desire to unveil an amazing business idea or have a StartUp which they wish to expand, Pakistan StartUp Cup is back with its third edition to recognize some of the brilliant business ideas and reward them. What is StartUp Cup All About? StartUp […]