Exploring the Dazzle of Truck Art from Pakistan

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Best of Pakistani Truck Art and Famous Truck Quotes of Pakistan Truck art from Pakistan is renowned the world over for its attraction and unique sense of artistic taste. Trucks in Pakistan are decorated with the paintings all over their bodies from local folk lore that gives them a Pakistani look instead of a vehicle […]

An Illustrative Guide to the Typical Pakistani Weddings

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Pakistani Weddings Customs and Traditions Weddings Weddings are a practice or a ceremony that unites two individuals. A wedding is an approach or a manner that different culture, societies, ethnic groups and religions aspire to unite two individuals in marriage. A wedding usually has a mandate personality who attests to the matrimonial contract and usually […]

History Revisited as Dara Arrives in London

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A Matter of Prestige: Dara Staged at the National Theatre Ajoka Theatre is known for addressing social issues and giving a strong message through their plays, but with Dara which was first shown in 2010 at Lahore; they took on an immense challenge which makes it unique. That is probably the reason why it has […]

Local Art Scene at T2f

PeaceNiche, an NGO that gave birth to the creative hub of Karachi, T2f (formerly known as ‘the second floor), has been working constantly to organize various events, such as a musical evening, art exhibitions and a few literary lectures. All the events are a result of a collective effort of the staff. They aim to […]

Historical Art in Pakistan

Pakistani Paintings

Art as a Cultural Phenomenon Art is a collective term used to signify a vast array of cultural as well as historic traditions that signify a certain civilization, or era. Art can be considered the single richest phenomenon that distinguishes different aspects of a culture from each other, as well as differentiating it from other […]