DICE Foundation Unveils Nur-E 75 Prototype, Pakistan’s First Electric Vehicle

DICE Foundation , Nur-E 75 Prototype, Electric Vehicle

Pakistan and Electric Cars Electric Cars are the new trend in the vehicle community. Certainly, every manufacturer wants to be economically friendly to attract a wider range of customers. Elon Musk was one of the first individuals to invest in this market segment. And now people are driving Teslas everywhere. Pakistan is a bit behind […]

Pakistan’s First Ever Compact Budget-Friendly EV Car is Finally Here

EV Car, Vehicles, Technology

With the increasing prices of motor vehicles in Pakistan, a budget-friendly EV car is a nice sensation for car enthusiasts. Rinco Aria is Pakistan’s first mini EV vehicle. Although, the seemingly high price tag of 24 lakhs may hold you back, keep in mind that electric vehicles have a way of saving your money in […]