How Does the Pakistani Education System Work for A Levels Students?

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The primary goal of education systems is to help students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes so they can become productive members of society. This includes providing access to quality teaching, resources, and support services such as libraries, laboratories, and guidance counselors. Education systems also provide an opportunity for students to learn about different […]

This Village in Punjab Has 100% Literacy and Zero Crime

Pakistan is a country located in South Asia and covers an area of over 796,095 square kilometers. Its total population is about 220.9 million as of 2020 census. In 2020, the crime rate in Pakistan was estimated at 3.84, with a 2.09% rise as compared to 3.76 in 2019. It is lower than the global […]

Rickshaw Driver’s Kind Gesture Promotes Girls’ Education in Peshawar

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A 29-year-old rickshaw driver from Peshawar, Pakistan, becomes an inadvertent local hero after he begins providing free transportation to school-going girls in his youth home. He started this undertaking 6 years ago in order to advance education in Peshawar for local girls. Arab Shah His name is Arab Shah. Shah was initially inspired to launch […]

Top 10 Pakistani Online Learning Platforms You Need to Follow

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COVID-19 pandemic brought to the forefront an unprecedented scenario where the infection prevails beyond borders. In this article, we will discuss how COVID-19 has affected the educational sector and some of the mechanisms being implemented by different countries for providing alternate modes of learning. It will be followed by a discussion on the best Pakistani […]

Top Career Choices for an Art Major in Pakistan

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There was a time in Pakistan when the boys were encouraged and pushed hard to become electrical, mechanical, or civil engineers. The others either went for civil services or joined the armed forces of the country. On the other side, girls were either allowed to become doctors or study arts as their major and later […]

Feminism: A Misunderstood Phenomenon

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Women all around the world face various discrimination. Feminism is an idea to give power to their voices. Women should be honored and respected just like men. Achievements of women in the world of today stand out and become an inspiration for others. It should be a way of life to acknowledge women. Feminism is […]

University of Sargodha Offering Ph.D. on Serat-un-Nabi

University of Sargodha

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan announced that he will reform Pakistan. He intends to base it on the principles laid down by our beloved Holy Prophet. He meant it as exemplified from his steps and initiatives. The recent interview to a private tv channel also sets a benchmark in the history of Pakistan. […]

How to Choose Majors in Easy Steps


College majors is the specific field of study. In addition to normal college requirements, students will take a group of courses in a field of their choice, such as physics, international studies, or political science, arts, mathematics, finance, and biology. Some institutions even allow you to choose your own major. What is the significance of […]

What the Future of Digital Education in Pakistan Looks Like?

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Globalization and technology have brought many changes around the world. Pakistan is also among those countries, who have adopted technology for advancing in different fields of life. One such field is digital education. In this article, we will talk about the situation and future of digital education is in Pakistan.  Read more: Ministry of education […]

The Top 10 Highest Paying Degrees for the Future – 2021

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The selection of a career path is a mammoth task. There are few things that you need to understand before making a career choice. Do not let your passion and interests go in vain. Try to find a career path that aligns with your interest. Therefore, you should enroll in those degree programs that would […]

How You Can Make Yourself More Marketable to Employers in Pakistan?

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Making yourself marketable is all about building your personal brand and becoming indispensable to the employers in your industry.  It is a commitment to continue working on your personal and professional development. It is a constant effort to learn new things, polish your skills, and build a strong personal brand to stay competitive in the […]

Education System of Pakistan: What Needs to be Improved

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The main aim of the first educational conference held in the year 1974 was to inculcate practical knowledge among posterity. The education system of Pakistan was idealized to develop national character, integrity, and a spirit of selfless service for the prosperity of Pakistan. Education System of Pakistan: Problems and The Solutions However, the contemporary literacy […]

Salima Begum – One of the Ten Best Teachers in the World!

Salima Begum: A Champion of Girls Education in Gilgit For the first time, a Pakistani was in the top ten finalists of this year’s Global Teacher Prize. Salima Begum was selected from amongst 20,000 applicants worldwide. She hails from a remote village Oshikhandass in Gilgit, where for the past 25 years she has been fighting […]