Bohey Barriyan Girl – Hadiqa Kayani Lights Up a Digital Billboard at Times Square

Bohey Barriyan Girl, Hadiqa Kayani, Times Square

Hadiqa Kiani has been. named the third Ambassador for EQUAL by Spotify, continuing the. company’s tradition of recognising Pakistani women artists.   Following Arooj and folk singer Mehak Ali, Hadiqa has been. chosen Spotify’s singer of. the month. Furthermore According to a statement released by press, Spotify’s latest effort aims. to elevate the voices of […]

Paying Tribute to Super Moms Who are Winning it Despite All Odds

Every mother who carries a child in her belly for nine long months, gives birth despite the immense labor pain, sacrifices on so many things and works hard to raise and nurture her child deserves to be called a SuperHero or a Super Mom. Motherhood makes you experience immense and the purest form of love, […]

From Pushto to Chinese: Hadiqa Kiani’s Janan Gets a New Life

janan, hadiqa_kiani_chinese_song, hadiqa_janan, Zhao_Wei

Big Hit of Hadiqa Kiani’s Song Janan Brief History About the Song “Janan” Somewhere in February 2010, Hadiqa communicated with an anonymous Pashto singer named Irfan Khan for coming up with a spicy remix of the song “Janan” sung by him. Surprisingly, the song turned out to be the biggest hit of Kiani and many […]