Handmade Carpets of Pakistan That Can Change the Look of Your Home

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Pakistan has a long history of carpet making. The earliest carpets made in Pakistan are known as “Ghiya” and date back to the 15th century. These were usually made from wool but also included cotton and silk. History of Carpet Making in Pakistan 16th Century – Use of Wooden Loom In the 16th century, carpets […]

The History of Bahawalpur – State of the Nawabs

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Bahawalpur is the 11th largest city in Pakistan, as per the population census of 2017. It is located in South Punjab and has a population of about 762, 111 people. Until 1955, Bahawalpur was the capital city of the former princely state of Bahawalpur. It was ruled by the Abbassi family of Nawabs. Bahawalpur serves […]

Beginners Guide to Knitting: Top Easiest Knitting Tips

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Knitting is a method through which we create a fabric by interlocking yarn. This art has existed for years. Moreover, women create warm fabrics throughout the world through this method. Also, this is a creative skill. Furthermore, this art has numerous forms and techniques. Today, we will be introducing this amazing art to you and […]

Handicrafts of Pakistan: A Pour Over of the Famous Artistry


Acknowledging the Marvels of Pakistan Aware and delight yourself with the most absorbing specialties of our country – the captivating and alluring handicrafts. The stupendous artisanship is overwhelmingly renowned as the cultural recognition of Pakistan. The tradition of creating handicrafts is thousand-year old. It is considered as a Pakistani custom that is noticed since ancient times of […]

The History and Craft of Camel Skin Lamps in Pakistan

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Crafting of Camel Skin Lamps in Pakistan The making of Camel Skin Lamps is a handiwork that has been practiced in Multan for almost a millennium! There are families in the city who have been into this business for centuries and continue to this day. Camel skin lamps Made in Multan are renowned world-wide for […]

The Rising Trend and Manufacturing of Cotton Tote Bags in Pakistan

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Production Facilities For Cotton Tote Bags in Pakistan Bags are used every day to carry one thing or another and good strong bags, of the likes of cotton tote bags, can therefore come in very handy for anyone. The trend of using cotton tote bags has increased as their production has seen a rise. Also, […]

The Never-ending Charm of Funky Jewelry

The question arises why some people especially the youth don’t grow up soon these days? The easiest answer to this question lies in the serene beauty of the sprightly attractive jewelry. All sorts of rocking fun dwell in funky jewelry. It’s one of the form of crafts. Fun Fashion Jewelry Funky jewelry are also interestingly […]

Khussa – The Delightful Footwear Created by Hand

Khussa is predominantly worn and made in Pakistan and India, while also made in some parts of China. However, Pakistan is renowned for making the finest khussas. This is attributed to our method of producing high quality leather and superior stitching by hand. History It can be said that the present day khussa alternately known […]

The Metal-Ware Marvels

For centuries, various metals have been used by man to create a great range of items that are put to different uses. The most popular metals are gold, silver, iron and copper, as well as alloys (mixture of two or more metals) such as bronze, brass and steel. Pakistan is one of the countries that […]

The Wonders of Handmade Rallis (Quilts)

Colorful quilts with contrasting patterns, themes and fabrics have been quite trendy in Pakistan and across its various cities since ages. The rural areas have all the rights to wear the crown for being the hub of handicrafts, which not only build significance for Pakistani locals around the world but the amazing handmade creativeness of […]