Pakistan-Bangladesh Trade Crosses $1Billion

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After Independence, Pakistan was divided into two parts; East and West Pakistan. The East Pakistan is what we now know as Bangladesh. Two Sides yet Same Coin The founding basis of West Pakistan was parliamentary democracy and, a republic form of government in 1947, with Islam as its state religion. On the other hand, East […]

Top Export Leftover Online Brands in Pakistan

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Have you ever wished to buy products of some famously known international brands such as Mango, H & M, Next, ZARA, Tom Tailor, and American Eagle Outfitters at local prices? If yes then keep on reading as in this article we’ll guide you about the top 10 export leftover online brands in Pakistan that sell […]

Top Successful Pakistani Exports

Successful Pakistani Exports

Economy of Pakistan In 2019, exports of agricultural products of Pakistan was worth 5.05 billion U.S. dollars. For 2020, exports of goods with a value was around 21.98 billion U.S. dollars. In 2019, the most important export partner of Pakistan was the United States with a share of 14 per cent in exports. Trade in […]

Pakistan’s Regional Exports Rise to 34.75% in July-August 2021

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The fiscal year 2021-2022 has started quite successfully for Pakistan, in terms of exports.  The country usually exports to China, the Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and Afghanistan. Last year, from these 7 regional countries Pakistan gained a total of $1,961.659 million. In comparison to this, the present year witnessed a total of a […]