Top 3 Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

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Overall, the main Internet specialist organizations in Pakistan are of a large number. The Internet has become well known. Picking an Internet specialist organization is additionally an issue, that many individuals are keen on. Data, cost, speed and quality and client care are worrisome for all. Moreover, specialized help and related issues also cause worry. […]

Big Tech Companies Ask Pakistan to Rework its Content Blocking Laws for Social Media

The “attention market” has sparked revolts, but it has always adapted. In the digital age, how do you deal with Pakistani laws including content blocking without invading their values? In 2020, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority passed new web guidelines that expand restrictions and approve far-reaching observations of content blocking distributed on the web. These guidelines […]

STZA – Special Technology Authority Act

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The “Tech Destination Pakistan” initiative was announced by the IT Minister of Pakistan. This program aims to create a more favourable environment.for software development and innovation to make his of the top tech players worldwide. Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) will be established to ensure the growth of a technology-based economy by establishing special […]

How to Register a Company in UK From Pakistan?

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Company registration in the United Kingdom has various advantages that you can use. to boost your global sales. It will boost your foreign customers’ trust. and safety, as well as make your organization more accessible. to the worldwide clientele. In this article, we will discuss how. to register company in UK, set up an internet […]

USF Awarded 3 Optic Fibre Cable Contracts Worth PKR 5 Billion to PTCL OFFICIAL

USF , Optic Fibre Cable, PTCL OFFICIAL

The United States Fiber Optic Council (USFC) The United States Fiber Optic Council (USFC) has awarded three. Optic fibre cable contracts worth PKR 5 billion (US$63 million) to (PTCL). The award announced during a ceremony held on June 16 in Islamabad.. This is in line with the company’s plan to offer its service to 100% […]