Performing Umrah – The Experiences of a Pakistani

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Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The word ‘Umrah’ means a visit to a place. Performing Umrah is one of the most important religious obligations for Muslims, undertaken during the holy month of Ramadan or any other time throughout the year. Umrah has been described as being spiritually rewarding and can […]

World’s Largest Copy of Holy Quran Being Prepared in Pakistan

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The world’s most massive copy of the Holy Quran is being prepared in Karachi, Pakistan by a well-known artist, Rassam, and his accomplices. It is said to break the record of the largest Quran in Afghanistan (completed in 2017) which is 6.5 feet in height and 4.5 feet in length. Mr. Rassam has worked with […]