Pakistan Petroleum Launches 6 New Projects for Fiscal Year 21-22

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During the current fiscal year, 2021-2022, 1.8 million has been invested in the petroleum sector to ensure the ultimate self-sufficiency in the coming future. 6 new projects are prepared for commencement while 7 petroleum projects are already underway. Recommended: Pakistan’s Regional Exports Rise to 34.75% in July-August 2021 A sum of 40 million was registered […]

Balochistan to Start a Metal Park for Mineral Resource Utilization

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A very high-level meeting has been set up between The Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company and Mineral Resources Company Limited Balochistan which was led by the Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan to evaluate the possibilities and opportunities in the exploration of minerals in Balochistan. By adopting modern technologies and improved policies, mineral-enriched countries have shown […]