Top 10 Online Stores to Buy Gadgets in Pakistan

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Is it true that you are saving your pocket money for buying on the web? On the store’s website since you found your dream gadget?  In any case, to get various gadgets, buying from an online store is the best choice. Rapid advancement makes scanning the web for Pakistani people easier than ever. Also, the […]

Top 10 Gaming Phones in Pakistan

Gaming phones are devices that have been specifically designed for games. They are usually compact, have powerful processors, and offer a wide range of capabilities. These phones have features such as larger display screens, larger buttons, and higher definition. However, not all phones that are specifically for gaming are actually good for gaming. Some phones are […]

iPhone 14 to Launch at Expected Price of Rs. 460,000 in Pakistan

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iPhone 14 in Pakistan Apple is all set to launch its much awaited iPhone 14 in the Pakistani market. Furthermore The phone is coming with a number of new features such as a better camera and faster processors. Similarly Apple has already started taking pre-orders for the phone. Consequently It is expected to be very […]

Nokia is Preparing For a Comeback With New Mobile Devices

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Nokia was once the top maker of mobile devices, but when smartphones came into the picture this Finnish company suffered greatly. Across the globe, Finland is known for a variety of things; from its music to its unique bus etiquette and most significantly, mobile devices, Nokia. We are all familiar with the Nokia 2100 which […]

Samsung is Aiming for Local Assemblage of the Phones in Pakistan

Pakistan and Samsung have had a firm relationship. The Eco friendly, innovative and sustainable designs of these smartphones are very popular in Pakistan. Samsung has also launched various humanitarian campaigns that help various countries including Pakistan to move towards a better future. Their approach to diversity, flexibility, affordability, and security is what makes them the […]

Punjab Police Launches eGadget – A Mobile App to Find Stolen Mobiles

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Punjab police has launched a mobile application that will track and find stolen phones, which will help in restricting the resale of stolen cellphones. In collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board, the Lahore Police has developed the e-Gadget Monitoring System app that will be available for download on Google Playstore and Apple Store, free […]