The Wooden Mosque of Seo Valley

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The Indus-Kohistan valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan is an abode to unique cultural and heritage values. Among multiple historical sites and buildings, the Grand Mosque of Seo Valley has become the prominent one. It has detailed wooden architecture and intricate decorative carvings. They represent the fusion of Buddhist and Islamic art. The mosque is one […]

Bhong Mosque: A Beauteous and Dazzling Architectural Vision

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Bhong is a small town situated in Rahim Yar Khan District, and is 200 km away from Bhawalpur. In this unsusceptible place stands the Bhong Mosque that is like no other in Pakistan! The Construction of Bhong Mosque The town as well as Bhong Mosque was built by Sardar Raees Ghazi Muhammad. He was an […]