Home Remedies That Every Pakistani Mom Swears By

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All desi moms know how much some remedies have soothing virtues. Whether it’s a headache, flu or muscle pain chances are every mom has some sort of homemade cure for it. Home remedies include utilizing food varieties or other family things to forestall and treat ailments or keep up with prosperity. They are utilized around […]

How to Deal With Dark Circles Using Home Remedies: 15 Easy Steps

Dark Circle Remedies, Home Remedies, Deal with dark CirclesDark Circle Remedies, Home Remedies, Deal with dark Circles

The skin around your eyes, especially near your eyes, can appear dark and tired looking. This is called ‘dark circles.’ Dark circles are often seen as signs of aging. But there are actually lots of different reasons why they may appear.  In this article, we will share natural home remedies to cure dark circles. Reasons […]

Balochistan to Start a Metal Park for Mineral Resource Utilization

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A very high-level meeting has been set up between The Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company and Mineral Resources Company Limited Balochistan which was led by the Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan to evaluate the possibilities and opportunities in the exploration of minerals in Balochistan. By adopting modern technologies and improved policies, mineral-enriched countries have shown […]