Ancient University in Sharada Peeth, Azad Kashmir

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Pakistan is full of wonders, ready to explore. Today, we will talk about another amazing historical site in the country. There is an ancient university found in Sharada Peeth. There are wonderful things to note about this institute through the archaeological remains. Let’s explore and discuss! Sharada Peeth: The Ancient Learning Center The area of […]

Amazing Places to Visit in Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley

There are extremely exuberant sites in Neelum valley to visit which is soothing to the eyes. Even the glance of these places is going bring all the peace in this world to you. People treat themselves by visiting such fascinating areas. Let us virtually experience the flavor of Neelum Valley. Keran (Lower Neelum) Keran is […]

Neelum Valley – The Aweinspiring Beauty

Neelum Valley

Introduction to the Wondrous Land Pakistanis already have so many reasons to be proud of their country, and Neelum Valley is considered as one of the most beautiful sites in Azad Kashmir. The name is kept after the dazzling blue color river which represents snake-like curves. It’s also widely known as “Paradise of Kashmir.” Knowingly, […]