Public vs. Private – The Schooling System in Pakistan

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Private schools differ considerably from public schools in regards to cost. While public schools are owned and operated by the government and require a specific amount of funding. Private schools are set up to cover operational costs through tuition revenue. Although, the cost is one of the main differences between the two kinds of institutions. […]

Lt General Nigar Johar – The Iron Lady of Pakistan Army

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Since 1947, when Pakistan came into being, women have served in the military of Pakistan. The first group of female fighter pilots joined the PAF’s combat air mission command in 2006. Women greatly aided the triumph of the Pakistan Movement. Shireen Jinnah, Begum Ra’ana, and Fatima Jinnah are some of Pakistan’s founding moms. We can […]

How to Join the Pakistan Army? A Comprehensive Checklist Guide

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Every patriot wants to join and serve the army of their country. So, it is a matter of honor and pride for anyone to be able to do that. Hence, with your training, you get respect, dignity, and acknowledgment. The Pakistan army itself is a strong name. Our country‚Äôs army manages and helps in worldwide […]

Top Pakistan Army Songs

The armed forces of Pakistan have stood firm at every war. They have countered where the enemies have tried to invade through borders. The military has played a pivotal role in maintaining the balance of power. The forces have maintained peace among all the countries of SouthEast Asia. The Pakistan Army has carried out many […]

Nigar Johar: First-Ever Three Star General of Pakistan Army

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Another milestone for Major General Nigar Johar who was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General – reported by the military media wing. The Director of the Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR), Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar, informed through a tweet that Nigar Johar has also been appointed as the first-ever female surgeon of the Pakistan Army. […]

Exercise Cambrian Patrol: Pakistan Army Wins Gold for Third Consecutive Year

Pakistan Army Achieves a Hat-trick (2015-2017) at Exercise Cambrian Patrol The Pakistan Army has done it once again! It has won a gold medal in one of the most vigorous and challenging military exercises in the world, i.e. ‘Exercise Cambrian Patrol’ which was held from 13th – 22nd october. This is the third time in […]