Top 10 Pakistani Brands That Offer Amazing Winter Collection

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Pakistani fashion industry is one of the most creative and vibrant in the world. The fashion industry is known for its unique style and design. It has a long history of producing some of the most beautiful and stylish clothes. Pakistani designers are known for their creativity and innovation. From the traditional shalwar kameez to […]

Pakistani Scientists Develop Low-cost Anti-bacterial Fabric

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A team of highly skilled and innovative researchers from Pakistan has developed a new anti-bacterial fabric that will revolutionize the cleaning industry. The fabric is appropriately usable for wound dressing, clothes, safety masks, and different types of packing products.  No doubt, this initiative is a game changer as it can protect humans from different diseases […]

Generation Launches reGENERATE, An Effort Towards Reducing Fabric Waste

Generation, fashion clothing, sustainable fashion, reGENERATE

Generation has announced its new line of renewable fabric called “ReGENERATE”. The company has started to use the next cutting-edge designs and technology to reduce the amount of waste. Additionally, they use each leftover fabric from the trimming and cutting process of attachments and garments. They also stated that the new work practices will utilize […]

Clothing Store Named After Pakistan Wins Hearts Across the Border

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Wrapped up in the market of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar in Ludhiana, difficult to miss with its enormous, green presentation board, a ladies’ clothing store by the name of Pakistani Attire is getting a great deal of affection, particularly from the adjoining country. Entertained by the name, individuals from Pakistan are posting remarks communicating their […]

Artisan Links – A Pakistani Brand Empowering Hundreds Of Afghani Women

Artisan Links, Afghani Women, Brand

In 2012, Artisan Links, a socially-conscious business, began its mission to empower hundreds of women in Afghanistan through a local clothing factory. Their focus was to find and support local craftspeople who would provide them with high quality, handcrafted clothing. Artisan Links The group of young women in Pakistan founded Artisan Links to provide employment […]

Shahid Afridi’s IBTIDAA’ 22 is a Mix of Culture and Tradition

Shahid Afridi's IBTIDAA' 22. Culture. Tradition

Shahid Afridi’s ‘IBTIDAA’ 22 Shahid Afridi’s ‘IBTIDAA’ 22 is back with a fine clothing collection for Men. It follows modernistic trends which are based on the idea of practical and comfortable wearing for the user. The entire collection presents the Pakistani culture, grace, design, elegance, and tradition in a true essence. Related: Asim Jofa’s ‘Rasm’ […]

Lawnkari 22 by Images is Worth Drooling Over

Lawnkari 22, Images, Lawn Clothing

‘Images’ is here to steal your heart with its delicate Lawnkari collection. Mixed with vibrant and subtle colors, the brand offers beautiful embroidered suits to make your Eid brighter! The collection covers designs for all ages and preferences, which is great as everybody can find something they like from here. Pastel color palette is the […]

Beginners Guide to Knitting: Top Easiest Knitting Tips

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Knitting is a method through which we create a fabric by interlocking yarn. This art has existed for years. Moreover, women create warm fabrics throughout the world through this method. Also, this is a creative skill. Furthermore, this art has numerous forms and techniques. Today, we will be introducing this amazing art to you and […]

Asim Jofa’s ‘Rasm’ Pays Tribute to Indo-Pak’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Asim Jofa's 'Rasm', mehndi dress, bridal dress, red bridal, bridal lehnga

The exquisite collection by Asim Jofa is here with a big bang. This time, Asim Jofa’s ‘Rasm’ is set to bring prestige and honor to Pakistan’s cultural heritage. You will find royalty at its peak while viewing this catalog. ‘Rasm’ comprises elegant and distinct pieces which are created to enhance the eastern beauty. The dresses […]