10 Pakistani Food Bloggers to Follow on Instagram 

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In recent years, Pakistan has witnessed a significant surge in food blogging, with many enthusiasts turning to digital platforms to express their love for food. This rise can be attributed to the country’s rich culinary heritage and the growing digitalization, making it easier for individuals to share their gastronomic adventures. Instagram, in particular, has emerged […]

Top 10 Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai That You Must Visit

Pakistani Restaurants, Restaurants in Dubai, Foodies

Dubai is a city where people from all over the world come together, and this mix of cultures is especially evident in its cuisine. Recently, with the emergence of Pakistani restaurants in Dubai, Pakistani food has become a big hit here, loved by both locals and tourists.  You can see it in moments like when […]

Student Biryani – Why are Karachietes in Love With It?

Student biryani, Pakistani food, Biryani

Karachi is often loved for its glimmering lights and entertainment and also its food. Some might even say Karachi has the best food in the whole country. A high school cafeteria in Karachi serves a better Student biryani compared to some of the best ones in Lahore.  This famous biryani is gathering customers surprisingly quickly […]

Vegetarian Food Choices From the Local Cuisine

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Vegetarianism is surviving solely on foods that are not derived from animals. This means vegetarian food lovers only eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and nuts. All types of normally consumable flesh such as meat, seafood, poultry, fowl, etc are excluded from vegetarian diets. Most vegetarians from western countries see no problem in consuming milk and […]

Syrian Shawarma Business is Becoming Quite Popular in Pakistan

Syrian dishes, Syrian shawarma, middle east cuisine

Syrian cuisines are somewhat different in taste from the regular Pakistani dishes. The reason is less focus on the use of spices and masala to add flavor. Most Pakistani dishes like handi, korma, pulao, biryani, and karahi need masala. The rest of the ingredients are added afterward. This similar flavor has pushed Pakistanis towards trying […]

7 Myths About Coffee That You Need to Stop Believing

Myths about Coffee, Myths about Caffeine, Coffee dehydrates you

If you are a coffee lover, then we are here to educate you about the myths about coffee that you need to stop believing. You need to speak out for the many benefits associated with the cup of coffee boosting your immunity. It requires uprooting all the misconceptions in the minds of the consumers. 7 […]

Top 10 Easy to Grow Vegetables, Fruits and Plant Seeds for Beginners

plant seeds, Vegetable seeds, Fruit seeds

Many of you have gotten more conscious about your diet, health, and fitness. Fruits and vegetables purchased from the market have preservatives to increase their age. These medicines are harmful to health if the fruits, and vegetables are not washed. Organic fruits, vegetables, and plant seeds that are grown on your lawn and kitchen garden […]

10 Best Biryani Secret Tips Revealed From the Masteros

biryani secret tips, chicken biryani, mutton biryani

Whenever anyone asks a Pakistani about their favorite dish, the answer is almost always ‘Biryani’. When Pakistanis hear that Biryani is on the menu, they tend to go crazy. The reason is the sophisticated layering coupled with a unique combination of spices which give the exquisite taste and aroma, making it irresistible for food lovers. […]