Handmade Carpets of Pakistan That Can Change the Look of Your Home

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Pakistan has a long history of carpet making. The earliest carpets made in Pakistan are known as “Ghiya” and date back to the 15th century. These were usually made from wool but also included cotton and silk. History of Carpet Making in Pakistan 16th Century – Use of Wooden Loom In the 16th century, carpets […]

Pakistan Earned Around $2200 Million from IT Services Exports in 10 Months

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Pakistan’s exports are on the rise, and there is no doubt that Pakistan’s IT services industry is growing fast. Pakistan’s IT Services Exports Industry Earning Millions According to statistics, IT exports earned around $2.2 billion in the period between April 2016 and March 2017. This represents an increase of almost 80 percent over the previous […]

Top Export Leftover Online Brands in Pakistan

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Have you ever wished to buy products of some famously known international brands such as Mango, H & M, Next, ZARA, Tom Tailor, and American Eagle Outfitters at local prices? If yes then keep on reading as in this article we’ll guide you about the top 10 export leftover online brands in Pakistan that sell […]

Top Successful Pakistani Exports

Successful Pakistani Exports

Economy of Pakistan In 2019, exports of agricultural products of Pakistan was worth 5.05 billion U.S. dollars. For 2020, exports of goods with a value was around 21.98 billion U.S. dollars. In 2019, the most important export partner of Pakistan was the United States with a share of 14 per cent in exports. Trade in […]

Pakistan Set to Harvest Basmati Bumper Crop this Year

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Syed Hussain Jahania, Punjab Minister for Agriculture, announced that in the year 2021, Pakistan will set a record regarding the harvest of the Basmati crop. The announcement is made possible by the previous efforts to develop the agricultural sector of Pakistan by the agriculture ministry and the farming community as well.  In Kabirwala, during a […]