Dance of Hunger: Transgenders in Pakistan

transgenders in pakistan, pakistani culture, pakistani people

All of us idealize a state where all the individuals have equality in terms of rights, privileges, education, and medical facilities. Although the western countries have laws to curtail the abuse of authority by any social stratum against others. The situation is quite alarming within the rural, suburban, and urban areas of Pakistan. The article […]

Everything You Need to Know About Altered State of Consciousness

Altered State of Consciousness, altered state of mind, mind alteration

You may have heard that the act of dreaming is a result of our subconscious mind. It involves rapid eye movement. Hallucinations, trance, hypnosis, and daydreaming are somewhat related concepts. So, they are all affiliated with our conscious minds. In other words, these notions are an altered state of consciousness. Therefore, it can be spontaneous […]

Pakistani Short Film Mulaqat is Nominated for Prestigious Venice Film Festival

Pakistani film, Venice film festival, Mulaqat

  Pakistani short film, Mulaqaat has been selected to be screened at the 78th Venice film festival. Mulaqaat is 20 minutes long short film featuring Parizae Fatima and Hamza Mushtaq and directed by Seemab Gul, who was also the lady behind bringing this short film to a prestigious film festival. Related: Pakistan Calling Film Festival […]

People of Kalash: A Life Weaved Around Festivals and Customs

people of kalash, kalash society

The Kalash Valley is made up of three valleys. Birir is situated 34 km away from Chitral. Rumbur is 32 km away and Bumburet (the largest and most beautiful) is 36 km away. There are many colorful Festivals of Kalash that are celebrated in these valleys; however the three major ones that are celebrated from […]