What Women Need to Know Before Signing Nikah (Nama) Papers?

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Nikah is the Arabic word for ‘marriage’. The nikah papers are written contracts made between two families that establish the terms of the marriage contract. Both the bride and groom’s families need to sign and approve these papers.  Here’s what you need to know before signing Nikah Nama. All You Need to Know About Nikah […]

Top 10 Desi Struggles Every New Pakistani Bride Goes Through

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Hey girls! Many of you would have landed on this page to become more aware regarding all the struggles that you have to go through for arranging as well as moving on with a perfect marriage. Well, the article is just meant for you as we elaborate the top 10 struggles that every new Pakistani […]

An Illustrative Guide to the Typical Pakistani Weddings

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Pakistani Weddings Customs and Traditions Weddings Weddings are a practice or a ceremony that unites two individuals. A wedding is an approach or a manner that different culture, societies, ethnic groups and religions aspire to unite two individuals in marriage. A wedding usually has a mandate personality who attests to the matrimonial contract and usually […]