15 Interesting Facts about Pakistan

Let’s explore the fascinating facts about Pakistan, an interesting and vibrant country with a rich and varied history. Pakistan is located in South Asia and is bordered by India, Afghanistan, Iran, and China. It boasts a population of over 200 million people, making it the world’s sixth most populous nation. Influenced by its surrounding nations […]

Pakistan Petroleum Launches 6 New Projects for Fiscal Year 21-22

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During the current fiscal year, 2021-2022, 1.8 million has been invested in the petroleum sector to ensure the ultimate self-sufficiency in the coming future. 6 new projects are prepared for commencement while 7 petroleum projects are already underway. Recommended: Pakistan’s Regional Exports Rise to 34.75% in July-August 2021 A sum of 40 million was registered […]

AirSial Gets Approval to Operate at 8 Domestic and International Routes

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AirSial has received clearance from the Federal government to operate at eight different routes, both domestic and international. According to the sources, the Aviation Ministry has handed over the summary for the issuance of Class – II licence, for both domestic and international to AirSial LTD. According to the report, the Civil Aviation Authority of […]

JagahOnline – A Real Estate Portal in Pakistan

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You might have come across thousands of real estate agencies who are making ends meet by dealing in property. Many agents are working under these companies. Even those who are working independently are making big bucks from the commission they get. We all know there is always big money involved in property dealing. Especially, in […]

Remembering Dilip Kumar – A Legend Par Excellence

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Dilip Kumar, one of the finest legendary Bollywood actors departed for eternal abode at the age of 98 on the 7th of July. The death of the actor left behind his die-hard fans devastated. He had been ill for months with prostate cancer. He was admitted to the hospital on the 30th of June due […]

Top 10 Traditional Markets to Explore in Pakistan

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Top 10 Traditional Markets to go for Shopping in Pakistan Preserving the natural cultural heritage and beauty is the fundamental thing to do for an individual. Pakistan serves to be a hub of all of it’s unique and equisetic traditional stuff. Pakistan is a land full of diversified cultures and heritages along with distinct colors […]

Fame Of Food Culture In Pakistan


Pakistan is considered to be a rich country in terms of its cuisines and culture. Pakistan is a country that has got a lot of diversified cultures and individuals associated with it. This is the biggest reason due to which it brings a variety of wonderful and alluring concepts of culture, clothing, traditions, and food. […]

Peshawar – Gor Khatri & Bala Hissar Fort

This week we take a peek at two buildings of immense historical value; one that can be found in the center of the city and the other which can give you a panoramic view of not only Peshawar but the Valley too. Gor Khatri Sethi Street ends at a Mughal gateway which leads to Gor […]

Peshawar – Mahabat Khan Mosque & Mohalla Sethian

Following we take a look at a spectacular specimen of Mughal architecture (the only one in Peshawar), as well as some rare residential buildings: Mahabat Khan Mosque Background You can reach it through Chowk Yaadgar as the entrance to the mosque is located in the middle of ‘Jewellers Street’. The name of the mosque had […]

Bio-Entrepreneurship Course at the University of Peshawar Showcases Tremendous Talent

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For the First Time in Pakistan a Course on Bio-Entrepreneurship at the University of Peshawar The Centre of Biotechnology and Microbiology at the University of Peshawar aims at educating and training the next generation of biotechnologists and microbiologists. It is also fully focusing on scientific research and discovery keeping in mind the needs of a […]