Public vs. Private – The Schooling System in Pakistan

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Private schools differ considerably from public schools in regards to cost. While public schools are owned and operated by the government and require a specific amount of funding. Private schools are set up to cover operational costs through tuition revenue. Although, the cost is one of the main differences between the two kinds of institutions. […]

Top 10 Pakistani Startups in Education

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The most invested startups are small businesses and schools as both can have a firm grip and ground. Small businesses are easy to manage and a new investor can gain experience from doing so. Educational institutions on the other hand can also be beneficial as they can allow new investors to understand team management, finance […]

How to Choose Majors in Easy Steps


College majors is the specific field of study. In addition to normal college requirements, students will take a group of courses in a field of their choice, such as physics, international studies, or political science, arts, mathematics, finance, and biology. Some institutions even allow you to choose your own major. What is the significance of […]

Feudalism in Educational Institutes of Pakistan

Feudalism, Educational Institutes

The given statement consists of two important terms: Feudalism and Pakistani Education. Let’s discuss them in turn. Feudalism is quite a known word for most of us. It is such a concept that appeared many times in the dusty muddy pages of history. Feudalism The term is from the French word féodalisme, which originated from […]

Education System of Pakistan: What Needs to be Improved

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The main aim of the first educational conference held in the year 1974 was to inculcate practical knowledge among posterity. The education system of Pakistan was idealized to develop national character, integrity, and a spirit of selfless service for the prosperity of Pakistan. Education System of Pakistan: Problems and The Solutions However, the contemporary literacy […]

Memoirs From the National Spelling Bee Competition by Dawn Media Group

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Spellbound! The Bee No other co-curricular competition in Pakistan today is as big and as electric as the National Spelling Bee being conducted by the Dawn Media Group since 2005. For those new to the concept, the ‘Bee’, as it is fondly called, is basically a spelling contest in which participants have to spell words […]