Pakistani Singer Mehak Ali Shines Bright at ‘Times Square’ in New York

Pakistani Singer, Mehak Ali, New York

By appearing on a Times Square billboard as Spotify’s ambassador for ‘Equal Pakistan,’ Pakistani singer Mehak Ali has created a reputation for herself, and a good picture of the cherished nation has spread throughout the globe. Through this programme, the Women Creators Party continues to empower local women. Mehmood Ali was chosen as the “Equal […]

Pakistani Classical Singers of Music Industry

Pakistani singers

Music is the language of the universe, because everyone understands it. Robert G. Ingersol, an American writer and lawyer, praises music as, “Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.” , while Sarah Dessen, a novelist, says that, “Music is the great […]

Top Pop/Rock Pakistani Artists Worth Listening To

pop/rock pakistani artists, pakistani singers, top pakistani celebrities

Pakistan is one of the few countries which has talents in every industry. Entertainment in particular has remained one of the majors for Pakistanis. The music industry in Pakistan has flourished over the years. We have come across many pop/rock Pakistani artists who have given us a number of hit albums. Growing up in our […]

Blast From the Past: Greatest Hits of Iqbal Bano

Iqbal Bano, iqbal bano songs, classical songs

Iqbal Bano is a renowned singer in Pakistan. She gave the country some of the most amazing hits. The great lady was born in 1935 in the city of Delhi. She stayed active during the years 1940-2007. In the year 1974, she received the Pride of Performance award (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz) from the government of Pakistan. A […]

Rohail Hyatt: The Maestro Behind the Coke Studio Brand

Rohail Hyatt, Maestro, Coke studio

The concept of Coke Studio is always acclaimed by music lovers across the world. Rohail Hyatt was the mastermind behind its concept. His entire journey is very interesting and full of ups and downs.  Coke studio’s popularity is because of its display of Pakistan’s cultural diversity. It stands as the franchise featuring top names of […]

Seven Female Singing Sensations of Pakistan

noor jahan, malika taranum, singing sensations of the sixties

Female Singing Sensations of Pakistan in the 20th Century Pakistan is a diversified land full of potential and talented people in various fields and niches. This thing is not anymore a surprise to see our talent getting promoted and uplifting in the media industry. Our star-studded media industry has many female singing sensations of Pakistan […]

The Terrific Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar

Intro to the Adoring Ali Zafar Ali Zafar’s full name is Ali Mohammad Zafar and he was born in 1980 on 18th May. He is blended with multiple talents such as singer, songwriter, painter, and music composer and now an actor as well. His passed out as a topper in matriculation exams. He then completed […]

About the Enthralling Singer – Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami

Precise Introduction of Adnan Sami Khan Adnan Sami is said to be a Canadian musician, actor, pianist, composer and singer of Indian and Pakistani origin. He has brilliant command on western and Indian semi classical or classical music, rock, jazz, fusion and pop. Khan’s birthplace is London in year 1969. He is the son of […]